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Crown Relocations

Public Transportation

The Crown Worldwide Story begins in 1965. A young American named Jim Thompson (then residing in Japan), recognized the need for a reputable international moving service. With only US$1,000 in his bank account, he established a small company in Yokohama. In its formative years, Transport Services International (as it was then known) had only one office. The company soon prospered through hard work and a focus on quality service.

1970 saw its expansion into Hong Kong when success continued and thereafter into Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Asia Pacific locations. In 1975, Transport Services International became Crown Pacific, and by the early '80s was established as the leading mover in Asia. The increase in mobility of the global population saw further growth for the company, and offices were established across America and Australasia, as well as in Europe. The expansion was accompanied by a new name, reflecting the company's geographic scope. It is now known as Crown Worldwide Group.

In the following years, the Crown Worldwide Group has continued to grow, and today is one of the most recognized and respected names in international moving. The company has grown to become the world's largest privately-held group of international moving companies. With a commitment to providing consistent quality service throughout its worldwide offices, the group will continue to keep the "Crown" moving forward.


Crown Worldwide is one of the world's leading providers of mobility services, relocations, records management and logistics services for globally expanding companies.

In each of these business sectors, Crown is committed to:
  • its continuing QUEST for service quality excellence. To demonstrate this commitment, the QUEST Quality Management Program was developed and implemented as Crown Worldwide’s global quality program.

  • developing and deploying the most effective technology in order to drive quality up and cost down. By doing this, Crown continues to design innovative services that support clients’ needs. Understanding clients’ needs is a cornerstone of the Crown philosophy.

  • maintaining a professionally attractive culture and environment to remain the preferred employer in these business sectors, where the best and brightest in related disciplines choose to be employed.
Given these principles, Crown's strategic objectives include expanding its global presence and service capability through strategic acquisition and organic growth.


  • Moving Services
  • Relocation Services
  • Corporate Services