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Criterion Worldwide

Public Advertising Sales - Marketing

Criterion Worldwide is part of the world’s fastest growing direct-marketing organisation. Founded in the UK in 2007 working with telecoms, we now span 16 countries and work with clients in every industry. We specialize in direct-marketing, which is the process of taking a product or service directly to the targeted consumer demographic. Specializing in face to face, we now have over 100 offices worldwide and will be at 1000 in within 5 years. Our growth is fueled by our portfolio of clients; the recession means that big corporations are more aware than ever of the need to drive revenue and outsourcing is a hugely effective method of doing so.


Criterion Worldwide have a lot of alpha males and females within our team. We believe competition is healthy and drives peak performance. We have a close-knit team that wins or loses together, and we don’t believe in losing. We do everything big, big projects, big work ethic, big earnings, big growth, big wins. Criterion Worldwide doesn’t believe in carrying passengers, we don’t believe in settling or compromising on success. We’ll do whatever we have to do to hit our goals.

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