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Cresta Management Services

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Since 2003 Cresta Management Services – CRESTA – has been providing a unique mix specialized business services to small business and entrepreneurs ranging from business plan development and operational recommendations to design engineering and prototyping services.  Today, CRESTA is focused on providing outsourced Staffing and Human Resources services while maintaining its unique organization and philosophy.

What started out as a desire to help a few accounting clients find suitable executive staff has become CRESTA’s primary focus.  Fulfilling that need was the natural thing to do for CRESTA’s Senior Partner, Joshua Rothman, who worked his way through college working as a recruiter.  When he became Director of Human Resources for one of the largest accounting and financial management firms in Los Angeles, he quickly set up an internal recruiting division not only to satisfy the staffing needs of his company but its clients as well.

The Staffing Group’s emphasis is placing candidates with clients based on a working relationship and an in-depth understanding of both parties.  CRESTA will not take on placement assignments that are not within their area of expertise and will not present candidates simply to fill the order.

Career Opportunities

CRESTA takes a personal approach to every assignment, taking time to clearly understand what the client is looking for as well as what a candidate needs in order to make a long-term commitment to a new employer.