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Craft Recruiting

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 9 Active Jobs

Craft Recruiting was formed with the following values and strategic goals:

  • To produce excellent results for our clients and the professionals we represent by placing their needs in front of our own.
  • To enjoy meaningful work and grow professionally – success comes from constantly struggling and evolving as we realize our professional growth.
  • To recognize it is far better to find a few smart people and give them the best technology than to have a greater number of ordinary people who are not as well-equipped.

    We are not interested in plodding along at some kind of moderate success. We are about working harder than anyone else to achieve a standard that is extraordinarily high. Money is a byproduct of excellence, not a goal. Our overriding objective is excellence and constant improvement.

  • Career Opportunities

    We’re a power team of recruiters connecting the best and brightest with companies nationwide that understand talent is key to, well, pretty much everything.

    Our Core Values

  • Always do the right thing
  • Stay positive every day
  • Remain committed to learning
  • Follow through on all promises
  • Improve the reputation of the recruiting profession