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Coverall North America, Inc.

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Through a network of more than 9,000 Franchise Owners, the Coverall Program provides cleaner work environments for over 50,000 customers — making Coverall one of the largest franchisors of commercial cleaning businesses in the world. Thanks to our innovative Health-Based Cleaning System Program, our Franchise Owners are creating cleaner, healthier work environments at competitive prices.

At Coverall, our goal is to be recognized as the worldwide leading brand in commercial cleaning, providing consistent, high-quality, innovative and value-based solutions to businesses. By choosing Coverall, our Franchise Owners - and their customers - get a brand that stands for something better. Better training. Better cleaning. Better results. That's Coverall.

Career Opportunities

Are you looking for a great place to work? Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System is an outstanding company made up of outstanding people. We are glad that you are considering us as your next employer.

Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® is a national leader in the commercial cleaning franchising industry. Over the years we've learned that there's more to cleaning than just appearance. The Coverall® System leads the industry in cleaning at a deeper level to help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs.

Commercial cleaning continues to be one of the most stable and fundamental industries in our economy. Small businesses, big businesses, professional offices, manufacturers, healthcare facilities, restaurants, car dealerships, retail stores, and many others need consistent, high quality cleaning services on a monthly basis.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To promote economic growth and independence for a diverse group of business owners by providing franchise ownership opportunities.

Our Vision
To be recognized as the leading franchised brand in the commercial cleaning industry, providing consistent, high-quality, innovative and value-based solutions for our Franchise Owners to deliver to their customers.

Our Values

Integrity. Honesty. Mutual Respect. Trust. Team. These five important values are the building blocks that constitute the Coverall Value System. First, each of us brings our integrity to work with us every day. Integrity guides our decisions, actions and interactions. Second is honesty. In situations good or bad, when you are honest you will find the right solutions. Next is mutual respect. Every employee, Franchise Owner, customer and business associates deserves to be treated with respect. Trust is fourth. When we trust each other to do the right thing and be respectful of our thoughts and ideas, then we can have trusting conversations. Last is team. The other four values unite us as a team that works together toward a common goal.

Community and Giving

The Coverall Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Program, established in 2005, was created to recognize and honor the children of Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Franchise Owners by providing financial assistance for their pursuit of a higher education.

To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $385,000 in educational scholarships to more than 150 dependent children of Coverall Franchise Owners who met the eligibility requirements. Award winners are from every part of the country.

High school seniors, college freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are the dependent sons or daughters of Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System Franchise Owners who have been in the Coverall System for at least one year are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Applicants must have a B or 3.0 GPA and be applying as a full-time student to an accredited, non-profit college, university or vocational/technical school in the United States.