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Correctional Medical Care, Inc

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CBH Medical, P.C. provides medical services, previously contracted under the name Correctional Medical Care, Inc. We are an experienced healthcare provider that supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality, fully auditable healthcare services to county correctional facilities.

CBH is fully committed to an efficient ongoing program of healthcare services. Additional information can be found at


CMC Services

Correctional Medical Care will provide a broad spectrum of services to your facility, whether you are a large state prison or a small county jail. Our programs and services have been developed and refined by a company that specializes in correctional healthcare alone.

Provider Network

CMC will establish and maintain a network of healthcare providers for your facility to ensure the highest quality services for the inmate population. CMC's philosophy is to utilize on-site service wherever possible to mitigate security risk and reduce your costs associated with transportation and correctional officer overtime.

Utilization Management

CMC monitors all phases of the healthcare delivery program using nationally accepted utilization management (UM) criteria, ensuring cost-effective medical treatment without compromising inmate healthcare. Medical specialists oversee the CMC UM program and monitor all phases of the healthcare delivery system on a continual basis. This policy of concurrent review is proven to reduce the costs and length of in-patient hospitalizations, outpatient specialty services, and emergency room visits.

Quality Improvement

CMC provides a comprehensive continuous quality improvement (CQI) program to your facility to ensure, in an objective and systematic manner, that the healthcare being provided to your facility consistently meets or exceeds established standards.


Our highly experienced corporate staff is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding accreditation standards of the American Correctional Association (ACA), National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) and the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Through our corporate policies and procedures based on these standards, CMC is able to efficiently and effectively initiate, implement, and/or maintain facility accreditation.

Innovative Solutions

As a company, CMC is young and inventive, staffed to seek out and apply new and innovative strategies to the provision of healthcare within the correctional environment, including the use of telemedicine and the introduction of state-of-the-art equipment to your facility. Equally important, however, CMC has as part of its team, expertise with vast correctional experience to ensure that these innovations remain firmly rooted in the realities of the industry.

The CMC Promise

CMC provides you the expertise of professionals who will bring an open-minded and fresh perspective to correctional care. Our singular focus is to provide quality healthcare customized to the requirements of your facility. At CMC, your facility is our foremost concern and our top priority.

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Correctional Medical Care, Inc
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