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Cornerstone Recruitment Group

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Cornerstone was founded with the understanding that making the right hiring decision matters.  Business leaders are under tremendous pressure to achieve results and we know that they rely on our expertise to make building their “A-team” just a little easier.  We recognize that we don’t represent perfect clients or flawless candidates, however we do know that there is a certain advantage gained when a team of experienced and passionate recruiters are wholly committed to achieving EXCELLENT results.  With that kind of focus and that kind of partnership, it’s no surprise that we have grown exponentially through repeat customers and the power of outstanding referrals.  We work hard each day to see that legacy continue.

Who Are We

Cornerstone Recruitment Group is not your ordinary recruitment firm! Our company is made up of truly amazing recruiting experts, passionate about finding home-run candidates for our clients and awesome opportunities for the great job seekers we work with. We have A LOT of fun doing what we do and aren't afraid to show that being professional and being a real person aren't mutually exclusive. We challenge ourselves to go the extra mile and challenge you to see why so many of our clients have become our Raving Fans! Hold us to high standards as we press on to our goal of being your go-to resource for great talent!

What We Do

At Cornerstone we help clients solve their problems and drive their businesses forward by providing them with top talent for their professional jobs. We connect people. And frankly, we love doing that and it shows!

Whether a Client or a Candidate, the most common response to working with a Cornerstone Recruiter is, “Wow. I have never had any recruiter do this for me. You guys are awesome.” For us, we strive to “Wow” you and we know that the secret to our success lies in leaving both clients and candidates truly amazed at the service they’ve received and the passion driving that service.

The nuts and bolts of our business are pretty simple. We often joke that we do not build rockets. We hire people that do, but fortunately for everyone, we at Cornerstone stick to the simple stuff. We recruit the best and brightest for America’s top employers. And we’re real proud of that.