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Cook Compression

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Cook Compression is your resource for engineered compressor solutions, delivering proven performance in reciprocating compressors around the world. With components, monitoring technology, diagnostics, repair and field services, Cook Compression provides everything you need to optimize efficiency, reliability, compliance and productivity.

Our best-in-class products and services are supported by ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing centers, strategically located service facilities and technical sales representatives worldwide.

Emission Solutions

Best Available Technology for Environmental Compliance in Compressors and Engines

Cook Compression offers industry-leading technology for monitoring, measuring and preventing fugitive emissions in compressors and engines.

Cook has the resources to solve your most challenging emissions problems – from measuring and controlling greenhouse gases from packing cases to testing and reducing exhaust emissions from engines.

Compressor Valve Overview

Cook Compression is an innovator in the design, manufacture and application of compressor valves. From precision-crafted metal plate valves to the latest high-performance designs with non-metallic internals, we offer solutions for any reciprocating compressor in any type of service.

Cook Compression manufactures complete valve assemblies, as well as plates, discs, rings, buttons, poppets, damper plates, spring plates, leaf springs and other metallic and non-metallic components for any make or model valve.