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Connections Academy

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Connections Academy’s mission is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards.

Our program is a rapidly growing form of free public school that students attend outside the walls of a traditional classroom. It combines strong parental involvement of learning at home, the expertise and accountability of public education, and the flexibility of online classes.

How does Connections Academy work?

The student is at the center of the Connections Academy program. Students learn outside the traditional classroom—typically from home, but also from libraries, community centers, and occasionally from the road.

Assisting the student in day-to-day activities is an adult Learning Coach, typically a parent, but also could be another family member or responsible adult caregiver. Please review the role of a parent or legal guardian by reviewing the Regulatory Program Description.

The teacher directs the learning, working directly with both the student and Learning Coach to develop an individual learning plan, provide instruction, and evaluate assignments. Connections Academy teachers work together from centralized offices, providing coordinated support and accountability that often can not be achieved with teachers working on their own.

Connections Academy provides each student with textbooks, lesson plans, online resources and other curriculum materials. At the start of school we send you a shipment of materials including, for schools where it is offered, a desktop computer. Instruction and administration is conducted through the Internet, by telephone, and by mail. Connections also are made through in-person activities, such as planned field trips and informal gatherings.

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Our Technology

Connections Academy is both a "high tech" and "high touch" school. We use the computer as a tool to manage student lesson plans, track assessments, communicate, and provide curriculum materials and instructional support. Our teachers use the technology to provide support to parents and students in their daily learning activities.


A Leader in Education Looking for Educational Leaders

Connections Academy is a dynamic and growing community. If you would like to become a part of our team, search for career opportunities. If you prefer, you may send an e-mail to that references the appropriate job title and includes your résumé.

Connections Academy offers great benefits to its full-time employees:

  • Competitive compensation with annual salary review
  • Annual bonus incentive based on department and individual performance
  • Comprehensive benefit package
    • Health plan
    • Dental plan
    • Vision plan
    • Flexible spending plan
    • Short-term disability
    • Long-term disability
    • Pet insurance
    • Employer-paid group term life insurance and AD&D coverage
    • 401(k) with employer matching
    • Contribution to state retirement plans in California, Idaho, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Pennsylvania

  • Employee assistance program
  • Auto, homeowners', and renters' insurance discounts
  • Teacher career progression: Teacher — Coordinator Teacher —
  • Lead Teacher — Master Teacher
  • Tuition reimbursement program


Connections Academy is more than just teachers, students, and parents connected through technology. It is a real community. Our online discussion boards and WebMail allow students and parents to connect virtually with others in Connections Academy schools across the country. Our teachers and community coordinators plan field trips and other in-person activities to give students and their families the opportunity to connect face-to-face while they are learning. And our community just keeps growing because our families enjoy Connections Academy so much, they can't help telling others to join. Field Trips for Learning and Fun
Connections Academy offers field trips throughout the year that are both educational and enjoyable. Our community coordinators, parents, and teachers arrange trips to venues such as factories, state capitals, historic sites, museums, and many other interesting locations. Field trips are excellent opportunities to meet other parents, students, and teachers face-to-face, but they also provide an opportunity to supplement learning and support the principles and theories presented in students' lessons.