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Connect Hearing

Public Healthcare - Health Services 500 - 1,000 Employees

We provide a strong network of convenient neighborhood hearing care centers across the country that continually strives to find innovative ways to serve you better.

Our Hearing Care Professionals are passionate about helping people to hear better, applying a consistent process to determine the best recommendations for your hearing health.

We provide free next day evaluations with professional recommendations based upon your individual hearing needs and lifestyle.

We offer a walk-in, walk-out 2-week FREE trial with hearing aids that are right for you - plus the Connect Advantage, your assurance Connect Hearing will be there every step of the way.

Headquartered in the Chicago area, we are a fast growing division of Sonova (SOON:US), the world's leading provider of innovative hearing healthcare solutions.

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Hearing Aids

Today’s digital hearing aids are small and comfortable with software that can be adapted perfectly to your individual needs. From the moment you try them, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your hearing. You’ll be able to follow conversations without straining (even in loud places), enjoy music and the sounds of nature, and hear better when watching television or talking on the phone.


Connect Hearing is one of the strongest brands in the Sonova Group, the leading manufacturer of innovative hearing care solutions. Present in over 90 countries and with a workforce of more than 9.000 employees, Sonova offers its customers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry – from hearing aids to cochlear implants to wireless communication solutions.

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Connect Hearing USA
215 Shuman Blvd, Suite 401
Naperville, Illinois.

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