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Conduent, a new business process services company, will launch in early 2017 following its separation from Xerox.

Conduent is changing the way businesses and governments interact with people -- creating client value by modernizing and improving the constituent experience. We're making a difference in these people's lives each day.

How we Deliver

Our Expertise: We have deep domain expertise in the industries we serve and the operational categories in which we operate. We not only understand the technical, regulatory, and end-user complexities of our clients' industries, we design and implement solutions that help transform their business and operate them on their behalf.

Our Approach: We are specialists in understanding the human dimension of the services we provide. We design everything from the end constituent's point of view, back; not from the client's back office, forward.

Our Applied Innovation: We create solutions for our clients through an engineering and innovation mindset that is practical in the real world. We are leaders in the areas of automation, analytics and personalization.