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Colyar Technology Solutions, Inc

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Colyar Technology Solutions (CTS) is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in the design, development, and implementation of Child Nutrition, Food Distribution, and Compliance management software.

CTS was founded in 1989 and incorporated in Arizona in March of 1997 and has become a U.S. leader in Child Nutrition Systems, serving over half the nation. Our corporate office is located in Phoenix, Arizona; however, we also have additional support capabilities in Georgia, Texas, and Florida. This structure enables us to provide superior and timely service to clients from anywhere in the country.

CTS has unequaled experience in the development of software products tailored to assist states in the management of federally funded Child Nutrition, Food Distribution Programs, and Compliance management.

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Coylar Technology Solutions, Inc
22420 N 18th Dr,
Phoenix, AZ 85027