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Column Engineering

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Column Engineering has been in business since January 1,  2000 and was formed to provide software, hardware and mechanical engineering consulting services to the Midwest engineering community.  Column Engineering is staffed by experienced engineers capable of solving customer concerns related to the design, implementation and testing of computer-based systems.


Column Engineering offers a benefit package that includes medical, dental, life, short term and long-term disability insurance.  As a Column Group employee, you are eligible to participate in the benefit package on the first day of the month, following a thirty-day waiting period from your date of hire.  At that time, you have the option to elect coverage based on your current employment status (hourly or salaried) with Column.

Career Opportunities

Column Engineering provides software engineering services to the upper Midwest, North and Northeast areas. We are able to support both full and partial project development. Our staff expertise covers a range from real-time embedded to UNIX and Windows-based software in C, C++, Java, VB for diverse industries such as medical, industrial, communications and consumer OEM. We can also provide hardware, packaging and reliability engineers on an as required basis. Column offers an excellent benefits package including a 401k plan and long service bonuses for its salaried employees. We are a young, dynamic company, open to staff suggestions and very aware that both staff and customers must be happy to ensure a successful company.