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Clearwater Marketing Concepts

Private Sales - Marketing Consulting Telecommunications < 100 Employees Headquartered in Reno, NV 1 Active Jobs

Clearwater Marketing Concepts is Reno's leading consulting firm, specializing in direct marketing and sales consulting. Dedicated to providing Fortune 500 clients with consumer expansion, both in the Reno area and nationally, Clearwater Marketing Concepts delivers impressive, high-quality results. We believe, and prove, that all it takes is a handshake and a genuine smile to acquire and retain customers for a lifetime. 

Our clients use our service knowing that we are a company they can trust, and one that delivers tangible results quarter after quarter! Through face to face interaction, we are easily able to communicate with Reno's small business community, bringing our client new customers and market share. We've created an internal culture that stimulates creativity, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit and pride ourselves on our integrity and honest work. We stay true to our client's reputation through a rigorous screening process and intense, thorough training.

Much like any other company, Clearwater Marketing Concepts would have minimal success if it were not for the members of our team. We believe that we work with Irving's finest and recruit the best of the best to join our coveted Management Training Program. With guidance from entry level marketing and sales roles to higher leadership positions, we teach Management Trainees what it takes to be a responsible leader in business and how to empower teams to hit their clients' goals.

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The Clearwater Marketing Concepts team is on Instagram and we want to get connected with you! Click the link, head over to our feed, and follow. We promise you will LOVE our weekly motivational posts and team updates.

Do you have an interview set up with our management team? We couldn't be more excited to meet with you. Our management team wants to make sure that you are prepared and can walk into your interview with confidence. Swing by our YouTube page for tips on how to nail your interview. Good luck!!


What are the benefits of working at Clearwater Marketing Concepts?

➕ Fun team culture 
➕ Travel opportunities 
➕ Leadership Training and Positions
➕ Weekly team nights 
➕Company sponsored events 
➕ Challenging work environment

Career Opportunities

Clearwater Marketing Concepts believes in long-term leadership development for all our team members through our esteemed Management Training Program. We believe ongoing training is essential to the professional growth of our team members and crucial to delivering quality results to our client. We strive to accentuate each individual's personal strengths and talents, rewarding performance, and merit, rather than tenure or seniority,

All career opportunities begin at an entry-level role at Clearwater Marketing Concepts and offer rapid expansion into marketing and sales management positions. We are experts in expansion and plan to grow to an additional 2 markets by the end of the year! Because of our expansion goals, we are excited to announce openings for the following positions:

💼 Account Manager
💼 Human Resources / Recruiter 
💼 Spring/Summer Marketing Internships
💼 Management Training Program


What is the company culture like at Clearwater Marketing Concepts?

✔️ Team Driven 
✔️ Goal-Oriented 
✔️ Ambitious 
✔️ Fast Paced 
✔️ Growth and Development 
✔️ Competitive 
✔️ Work and Play Balance

Get in Touch

📞: 775-430-4664



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