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Clarion Psychiatric Center

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Located on 14 acres, Clarion is a peaceful, therapeutic environment for both
patients and families. Clarion is a major regional resource for children,
adolescents and adults who have psychiatric, behavioral, or addiction problems.
For over 20 years, Clarion has helped people effectively manage: Anxiety and
Panic Disorder, Depression, Suicidal Thoughts or Actions, Extreme Anger and
Aggression, Patients whose emotional disorder is complicated by a dependence on
drugs or alcohol, BiPolar Disorder, Paranoia, Schizophrenia/Hallucinations/Delusions, Attention Deficit Disorder and Family


The staff of Clarion Psychiatric Center strives to maintain a total therapeutic environment through individualized treatment for each patient and family. Comprehensive patient-oriented activities include group therapy, family therapy, allied therapy, and educational services.


Clarion Center
Two Hospital Drive :: Clarion, PA 16214
814-226-9545 Phone