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Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

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Our Vision

The Airport Board’s vision is to operate a safe, smart and strong aviation-based business with world-class professionalism.

Safe: To inspire operational excellence

Smart: To exceed customer expectations

Strong: To ensure focused business development

This means exceeding standards in safety and security, operating best-in-class facilities and promoting environmental stewardship.

At the same time we strive to promote a positive relationship with the community while empowering employees to strive for continuous improvement.

We look to increase air service, grow new revenue sources and ensure fiscal integrity.

KCAB employees pride themselves on meeting extraordinary standards of professionalism.

The Board rewards this commitment with competitive wages, good benefits and opportunities for advancement.


The airport's success depends on the people who work here as well as those people and businesses that provide goods and services. Building relationships with diverse characteristics encourages diversity of ideas and accelerates innovation that benefits both our people and our customers.

Diversity encompasses all differences in which individuals are unique from one another, including: race, gender, national origin, religion, lifestyle, age, sexual orientation, physical and personality traits, education and more.

Diversity at CVG means developing and maintaining an environment where no one is given either unnatural advantage or disadvantage in matters of contracting, procurement or employment. Each individual, business and employee is afforded the opportunity to contribute and achieve their full potential.

Contact Us

Kenton County Airport Board,
 PO Box 752000, Cincinnati,
OH 45275