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Child & Family Center

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The Child & Family Center began in 1976 as St. Stephen’s Special School, a church sponsored parenting program. Our founders, Katie Clarke, Liz Seipel and Carol Gelsinger recognized the need for children’s mental health services in the Santa Clarita Valley and together they developed the small program for parents and their children ages 2 through 8 years, two afternoons per week to learn appropriate behaviors. They worked with the parents, teaching them how to meet their child’s needs, helping them learn to be successful in both their school and family lives.

Our Mission

The Child & Family Center helps build a healthy Santa Clarita Valley by providing mental health, behavioral and education services to children, adults and families.

Our Vision

At the Child & Family Center, children, adults, and families can easily access the help they need in a safe and nurturing environment. Responding to the community’s need for services, the Child & Family Center continues to grow and expand. Reaching out to new areas of need, the Center provides children and adults the opportunity to live in healthy, supportive relationships that encourage them to become responsible, caring citizens.

Our Values

  • With compassion, we treat every child and every adult as an individual to be respected, loved and nurtured.
  • With sensitive, open and effective communication, we fulfill our mission to provide for our clients and support our staff.
  • With dedication, integrity, honesty and cooperation, we serve a diverse and multicultural population of clients, families, supporters and staff.
  • With accountability to the highest professional and ethical standards, we work as a team to create and maintain a safe environment in which to give and receive care.