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Chief Consulting Inc

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Chief Consulting Inc is an outsourced marketing firm that links multi-billion dollar companies to their target markets. We promote our client’s products and services using our unrivaled sales team and custom marketing. Chief Consulting Inc specializes in team member growth and management. We represent the nation's largest names in the wireless and telecom fields in the Bentonville, AR. Chief Consulting uses a variety of strategies to acquire customers for our client while providing secure career and upbeat work environment for our team.

Our company has been growing exponentially due to our sales experience, team management, and customer service. We have established strong relationships with our clients, and we are highly motivated to keep growing. After opening in 2017, Chief Consulting Inc has grown from a few team members to a dynamic sales team. Our team has changed the idea of an average 9-5 employee, We have ditched the cubicles and hit the streets. We have a passion for the sales process, from earning a stranger’s trust with just a handshake to winning hearts and minds with your charm. Our team members are confident in closing deals in a fast-paced environment.

Chief Consulting Inc has developed a Management Training Program to help craft these sales skills. We follow each of our team members personal and professional development through our Management Training Program closely. Our goal at Chief Consulting is to help our team reach management position within 1 year of starting with the company. With this program, we have built a stronger company and we have acquired and maintained stronger and longer lasting client-consumer relationships. At Chief Consulting, our results showcase the time and effort we put forward every day!

Interested in learning more about Chief Consulting Inc or connecting with us? Visit our website at or tweet us at @chiefcnsltnginc.

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Did you know that the Chief Consulting Inc team started the year off in Orlando, FL?! We traveled to the Sunshine State to attend a start of the year conference. We networked, planned out our goals for the year, and had a blast with colleagues in beautiful Florida. Check out our video on YouTube that details our Orlando adventure!

Our Careers

Chief Consulting Inc is ahead of the curve in providing hands-on training and leadership development. Our proven Management Training Program, has given our team members the skills and opportunities for unlimited growth. Are you ready to activate your opportunity and work towards an ideal career with Chief Consulting Inc?! All of our candidate start in an entry level position at Chief Consulting Inc, regardless of prior work experience. We only Promote from within based on merit, and all of our team members are offered management positions at the completion of our program. Working at Chief Consulting Inc is meant to be both challenging and rewarding. Since opening in 2017, We have already exceeded our growth projections and our expansion goals. We are looking for energetic, hardworking, and team-oriented personalities to join our team and "lead from the front."

Career Opportunities Available:

  • Sales Consultant
  • Management Trainee
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Marketing/Sales Manager

Our Culture

What is the corporate culture like at Chief Consulting Inc?

Leadership-Driven: Our company thrives from the development of team members into leadership roles. we are constantly promoting into new markets.

Team-Oriented: We love what we do and the people we work with. We strongly believe in a family like atmosphere supported by our team members.

Competitive: Our team members have backgrounds in sports. We use that same work ethic and drive to push our company past the competition and on to achieving our goals.

Positive: All of our team members top to bottom have the same outlook on working in a positive environment. We encourage each other and are never afraid to give some constructive criticism to each other.

Unified: We have created our company around the community and providing the best service and customer service possible. We often host events around the community to help give back to the greater Bentonville area.

Our Beliefs & Values

"We believe that everyone is capable for greatness. We help guide our team members into the life style and stability they seek, both professionally and personally. All we ask is for our team to put in the same hard work and adapt accordingly."

Core Values:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Integrity

  • Time Management

  • Work Ethic

Contact Us

Phone: 4792518339

Address: 2200 SE J St Suite 18, Bentonville, AR 72712

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