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Chick-fil-A Grand Central

Private Restaurant Hospitality Food 100 - 250 Employees Headquartered in New York, NY 1 Active Jobs

Help open and launch one of the largest volume Chick-fil-A restaurants in the nation. We are looking for purpose-driven individuals who would like to open and launch their own Chick-fil-A franchise or other business one day. We believe that no goal is too high for us when we climb with care and confidence. This is why we climb together as we seek to develop leaders and entrepreneurs at every level. We are looking for brave, ambitious, and passionate people who want to explore every part of their work and discover new ways to elevate themselves to live and lead at a higher level with excellence and strong financial success. Projected to open in early 2018 in across from Grand Central, these positions will not start until early 2018.

Corporate Purpose:

To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple - to be "REMARK"able in everything we do.

We are dedicated to delivering value to our guests through remarkable experiences by continuously developing our team and the infrastructure, systems, and training programs that serve and support our team and their experience.

Personal Growth:

To progress in a role, successful and high performing employees at Chick-fil-A Midtown, NYC are individuals who:

  • Makes
    working hard and delivering high standards look easy and effortless and enable
    others to be efficient and effortless too.
  • Be
    a part of the solution, not problem. Not everything will run smoothly, but the
    high performers will think critically about how they can be a part of the
    solution side rather than the problem side.
  • Is
    eager to learn and grow. There will be challenges and frustrations, but high
    performing A-players won’t let that stop them in getting better and growing.
  • Knows
    when to lead and follow. The high performing rock stars are the ones who take
    initiative and make things happen. However, they are also the ones who can get
    behind someone else’s idea or decision and help make it a reality.
  • Anticipates
    the needs of others. From peers to bosses to guests to vendors, high performing
    A-players are the ones who are proactively taking action before it is needed
    and planning ahead rather than reacting to the situation.
  • Share
    their learning. High performing A-players don’t just keep their learning to
    themselves, but help one another grow by sharing their knowledge, observations,
    and insight. They are proactive in coaching and providing feedback and understand
    that everyone at Chick-fil-A Midtown, NYC is here to learn, grow, and get
    better together.
  • Has
    strong emotional intelligence and self-control. High performing A-players do
    not just have expertise of the specific tasks (such as bagging, breading, or
    boards), but also are caring compassionate with others on the team, even when
    things are tense. They are able to lighten the atmosphere and provide sound
  • Disagrees
    when needed. The team working on the floor every day are the ones with some of
    the best innovations and ideas.High
    performers are the ones willing to speak up, contribute, and ask tough
    questions such as why, what or how in a way that encourages debate and not
  • Creates
    a fun atmosphere. High Performers enjoy the work and have fun while they are doing
    it in a way that is mature and professional.

Career Opportunities

Growth Opportunities:

  • Lateral opportunities to gain additional experience in operations,
    training, and/or marketing
  • Internal upward leadership opportunities
  • Potential corporate staff opportunities
  • Corporate field opportunities such as Certified Field
    Trainer, Chick-fil-A Corporate Trainer, and others.
  • Potential franchise ownership opportunities


Personal Leadership Development:
  • In-Restaurant Training
  • Potential corporate training
  • Access to leadership materials (videos, books,
    etc) and curriculum
  • Customized individual development plan based on
    your goals
  • Growth measurement, tracking, and review.
  • Potential certifications (such as NYC Food
    Handling, Certified Trainer, etc).
  • Stretch assignments, personal growth, and
    leadership development opportunities.
  • Mock interviews and interview coaching
  • One on one coaching from leaders and mentors

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Chick-fil-A Grand Central
New York, NY 10017
Opening Early 2018