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Chicago Vision


Chicago Vision offer outsourcing solutions and we are proud to be able to offer clients the complete package when we work with them. We look at their existing strategies and in-direct marketing and ensure the tone of our work is consistent with it. We design the campaign for them and tailor it to suit the demographic they are looking for across multiple areas. We then implement and run the campaign ourselves using our own teams, becoming ambassadors on behalf of our clients and delivering the brand awareness and targets they have come to expect from us. In fact, once a client has given us their itinerary they can sit back and await the results as we take care of all aspects for them.

We currently have clients within a diverse range of industries and we strongly believe that as long as we can work out the logistics of running one of our campaigns on a face to face basis, there is no industry or client who wouldn’t draw a benefit from working alongside us.

Please feel free to browse our site or get in touch and find out what we could offer your company and how we can increase your bottom line.

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