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CHE Behavioral Health Services

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CHE Behavioral Health Services is a leading provider of mental health services since 1995. Licensed clinicians employed by CHE are assigned to over 700 skilled nursing facilities in NY, NJ, PA, CA and CT, community-based adult homes, assisted-living settings, adult day care, and rehabilitation centers. They provide individual psychotherapy, psychological and neuropsychological assessment, and behavioral medicine services to residents at these sites.

Our Mission

The mission of CHE Behavioral Health Services is to provide quality psychological and psychiatric services to residents in long-term care settings – primarily skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, and community-based adult homes. It embodies a “collaborative” approach to mental health as it seeks to insure the optimal integration of psychological services into a coordinated and comprehensive system of care, commensurate with policies and procedures of the host setting. We are committed to employing professionals of the highest caliber of competence and integrity and to facilitate their continued professional development in order to maximize the ongoing provision of state-of-the-art psychological services to the residents of long-term care facilities.

Our Services

We serve Skilled Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Community-Based Adult Homes, Assisted-Living Centers and Adult Day Care. Each of the above settings have distinct needs and pressures. Thus, our services are conceptualized within a framework of viewing the facility as client. In addition to providing psychological services to the individual resident, we address staff needs through in-service training programs - such as personal stress management, dealing with difficult residents, and facility-wide behavior modification programs.

In recognition of the changing client base of nursing facilities, our services have become more diverse in scope while individualized to the needs of the sub-populations of our client facilities. As noted below, these services range from individual and group psychotherapies for chronic mental health problems to behavioral health interventions for pain and other medical conditions.