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ChaseSource, LP is a minority-owned, business solutions firm specializing in recruiting, and business process outsourcing. The company was built by human resource, business consultants, and recruiting professionals to serve companies in need of tactical as well as strategic talent acquisition and outsourcing solutions. With a proven track record of consistent, quality service, ChaseSource can definitely provide highly skilled employees, in the quantity requested. More specifically, ChaseSource offers recruiting, managed services, outsourcing programs and
workforce performance programs.

ChaseSource will conduct rigorous screening to eliminate candidates who display characteristics likely to inhibit success. We have the ability to systematically outline a compelling rationale where candidates will choose our company over our competitors. Our purpose and belief is recruiting should always be customized to the nature and environment of our clients.

We are confident that given a chance to augment your current core employee base, we will surpass any and all expectations.
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Our recruiting expertise and quality-focus drive every step of our talent acquisition processes and strategies. Many recruitment companies can help bring new hires in the door. The real value is in finding a recruiting partner that can hire the right talent at the right time and help you keep your talent. We can create recruitment campaigns to hire the best talent for all skill levels, from entry level to executive, while helping you retain your employees.

ChaseSource knows that an intelligent recruiting strategy goes well beyond filling job requisitions. We employ end-to-end solutions to recruit and hire staff with the requisite skills and attributes to meet client business needs. We support all types of hiring, including professional, hourly, executive, campus/graduate, and contingent labor. Our customizable solutions consist of world class processes, technologies optimized for business process outsourcing, and deep expertise.

We utilize “high-touch” and “high-tech” recruitment strategies to foster key relationships in the recruitment lifecycle, as well as a highly-skilled and experienced team that can efficiently support high volumes of recruitment administration.

Specific Skill Set Recruiting

ChaseSource understands that each recruiting effort is custom tailored to the job requirements, the job environment, and specifications so we can maintain standards of excellence. Therefore, each unique recruiting plan is designed to maintain the consistency and message.

ChaseSource knows that successful recruiting is about relationship building. Key factors in successful recruiting are: understanding employee interests, wants, needs, experience, and abilities in order to identify the opportunity that is right for every candidate – opportunities that are challenging and provide stepping stones toward achieving ultimate career goals. By having a clear knowledge of the skills and professional goals of our employees, ChaseSource has the ability to match the needs of our clients with the best employee for the job.

Recruiting Team

ChaseSource, LP understands the importance of strong communication between all levels of client
management. We assign teams of recruiters to act as one voice, so the attention to detail is never missed. Each client recruitment team consists of a Client Relationship Manager (CRM), Sr. Recruiter and Recruiter. The CRM will act as the primary client liaison, taking primary responsibility for all employee relations.

Current Experience

The Texas market has more than 600 contract/contract-to-hire/clerical/administrative temporary employees working throughout the state. With skills from receptionist to mid-level management/supervisory roles in office environments.

Light Industrial: Electricians, Mechanical Technicians (HVAC), Pipe Fitters, Sheet Metal Workers, Warehouse Associates, Commercial Service Technicians and Field Service Technicians (Millwrights)

Professional Placements (Fee Based Direct Hires): Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Production Supervisor, Project Manager, Naval Architect, Process Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Piping/Layout Designer, Procurement/Contracts Manager, Draftsmen, Payroll Manager, NDE Certified Safety Inspectors, Maintenance Technicians (Manufacturing), Human Resource Manager, Plant Manager, FRAC Operators, RN, Safety Inspectors and Drafters

Outside of Texas
Services include: Call Center, Professional, Light Industrial and Administrative/Clerical.
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin