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Chamberlain Advisors

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing Headquartered in Chicago, IL 5 Active Jobs

Chamberlain Advisors partners with our clients, companies and like minded professionals, to help our corporate partners solve their human capital needs while allowing individuals to excel in the cultural and technical environment that fits their skills and personality. This collaborative process is founded in the principles and lessons our team first refined in the crucible of combat and counterinsurgency while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan along with decades of experience as account managers, recruiters, corporate teams and leading talent acquisition at a large enterprise company. Our system helps identify the technical and cultural fit necessary for individuals and corporate teams to accomplish their goals. Additionally, Chamberlain's knowledge of technology trends and the unique skills of Veterans, allows us along with our partners, to create full-cycle opportunities for companies to hire Veterans with hard to find technical skills and unique leadership skills and potential for growth within their organization.

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Chamberlain Advisors
311 S Wacker Dr. Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60606