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Certified Labs

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Certified - Hard at Work for over 60 Years!

Certified Laboratories began business around 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas when Jimmy Rosenthal opened a storefront cleaning supply business. He made sales calls and delivered goods during the day, and filled orders and did paperwork at night. As business grew, Jimmy added other sales people, clerks, and warehouse staff to handle a growing business and customer base that reached beyond his home town.

In the 1950s, sales representatives were hired and sales offices were opened outside Texas. The first regional Certified sales office was in St. Louis. Eventually, others were added in Chicago, New Jersey, and California.

Certified realized that the need for exceptional maintenance products and good service was universal. In the 1960s, an international business was launched in the United Kingdom, using the successful sales model that grew the business in the U.S.

By the late 1960s and early 1970s, Certified opened sales offices and manufacturing facilities throughout the US, Europe, and Latin America. In the 1980s, Certified representatives were hired in Asia, along with the opening of strategic manufacturing facilities.

Today, Certified is a major supplier of specialty maintenance products for businesses large and small. Aside from major oil-producing companies, Certified is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of lubrication products in the world.

The current logo of Certified Laboratories is reminiscent of the original Certified flag, along with the original mission clearly stated and never changed…”You can rely on Certified!”


Certified Laboratories will continue to grow by being the best at solving our customers' maintenance, repair

and supply needs.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Surpass customer expectations

  • Create long-term customer relationships

  • Be market-driven and innovative


Certified Laboratories ATTN: Marketing Department, 5N P.O. Box 152170 Irving, TX 75015

In Canada 247 Orenda Rd Brampton, ON L6T1E7