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Casbon & Associates, LLC

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Casbon & Associates LLC is a professional quality staff and executive recruiting firm with a history of excellence. As long-term professionals in recruiting, they work closely with their clients and candidates alike

Most important is that they meet with their clients, personally, at their office.
This provides them with an in-depth understanding of not just the job requirements, but also to fully absorb and appreciate the culture of the company, enabling them to “match” the right individual into the right environment.

What makes Casbon & Associates stand apart from other recruiters?
  • A passion to provide quality candidates, 
  • Commitment to the job at hand and 
  • And most important, they do not only ensure they meet the clients specific needs

They also listen to the candidate’s specific needs. 

Candidate Testimonials

Testimonial from Candidate who worked with Casbon & Associates

In my recent search for employment, numerous recruiters from renowned agencies worked with me but none of them compared to Pauline Casbon.

In fact, she is what a true recruiter is all about. All the other recruiters just pulled me out of their data base and sent me to their clients with just a little pep talk. Pauline treated me like a candidate. She met me in her office and really prepared me for the interviews. 
During the process, I could tell that she was also making sure that I was a really good candidate for the job because she represented the employer as well.

Furthermore, she constantly gave me tips and directions in between interviews. Even though I was very qualified for the jobs that I applied for before, I never felt more ready after Pauline brought me in. I truly believe that with her help I got the job that I have been looking for.

Pauline doesn’t only care about putting a candidate and an employer together, she wants to make sure that it is a great match. She is very conscientious in what she does, and that is what I like most about her.


Casbon & Associates LLC
P.O. Box 1442
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90213

Phone: 310.859.3805