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Carroll Enterprises, Inc

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For over 40 years, Carroll Enterprises, Inc. has met the specialized needs of insurance buyers in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. Initially offering group products and services to small business owners, today Carroll Enterprises provides innovative marketing, distribution, and support solutions for consumers, brokers, insurers, financial institutions, and the public sector. Carroll Enterprises is a privately held corporation with offices on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and on the West Coast, providing quality products and services through our wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Career Opportunities

Join our growing national organization, marketing insurance products and financial services to individuals, small businesses, institutions and the public. Our continued growth requires the addition of professional, career-minded people to our team.


Carroll Enterprises, Inc. is committed to innovation, integration, and technological investment in insurance and financial services. Our entrepreneurial spirit allows us to continually adapt and leverage technology to provide marketing, distribution, and support solutions—in both the business-to-business and the business-to-consumer markets. Our clients and customers have access to a broad range of wholesale insurance products, managed by experienced, licensed employees in a "one-stop shop" environment.


Carroll Enterprises, Inc. strives to ensure that businesses and consumers across the country have access to insurance and financial products through innovative distribution channels. We have the ability to offer quality products and services, with end-to-end custom solutions, to our clients and our customers.


Carroll Enterprises, Inc. prides itself on the promotion and encouragement of a business culture based upon quality customer service and the caring for, and fairness toward, its clients, customers, and employees

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Carroll Enterprises, Inc
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