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CareSouth Health System, Inc., is one of the country’s leading providers of home health care and senior living services. CareSouth’s services include Medicare certified home health and hospice, private duty nursing and personal care services, health and wellness services and transitional care, along with a specialized program of integration of these services into senior living communities.

Currently, CareSouth ranks 12th nationally in terms of total market share for certified home health. The Company’s home office is located in Augusta, Georgia, and includes large data and financial services centers and its centralized Care Center. One of the first centers for clinical excellence, the Care Center proactively manages the health care of our patients via outcomes management, transitional care coordination, tele-health monitoring, call-back and wellness calls and 24/7 on-call and after-hours triage. Through its large, integrated healthcare delivery system, CareSouth provides cost-saving services to its patients and clients across the country.

Why CareSouth?

At CareSouth, we care about our employees as much as we care about our patients. That's why at CareSouth, we offer workable schedules, competitive pay, excellent benefits and advanced technology such as user-friendly smartphones and tablets, providing paperless reporting and allowing access to patient information 24-hours a day. In other words, we provide more of what you need to do your job better.

CareSouth works closely with our referral partners under the guidance of the patient's physician to insure proper patient assessment up front and proper treatment during the course of care. Our clinical outcomes speak for themselves through superior patient satisfaction scores. CareSouth's commitment to our patients and their needs ensures optimum RESULTS.

CareSouth is committed to saving our referral sources, our patients and their caregivers valuable TIME by providing on-site coordination of care. We see our patients quickly once a referral is made and we communicate clearly with our referral sources to insure proper care once they are referred to homecare because we value and appreciate your time as much as you do.

If you need more opportunity for career advancement and truly enjoy more one-on-one patient interaction, you need more CareSouth.

Contact Us

CareSouth Health System, Inc.
One Tenth Street, Suite 500
Augusta, GA  30901
Toll Free: 1-800-241-3363

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