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CareHere, LLC

Private Healthcare - Health Services 5,000 - 10,000 Employees 39 Active Jobs

Care Here specializes in providing on-site healthcare through employers by making healthcare easier, better and more affordable. Presently, Care Here manages clinics nationwide where wellness and case management are integrated with on-site health care resulting in measurable savings and healthcare trend reductions.

Employers, physicians, employee and dependent patients benefit from online appointment schedules, online lab notices and graphed interpretations, online electronic medical records, online aggregate reporting of utilization, medical trends and more.

The Company Doctor is a proven concept Fortune 1000 companies have enjoyed for years to lower employee health benefit cost. Now, Care Here brings the Company Doctor to organizations from 100 to 10,000 employees!


Employee health care now represents a major cost to employers. On-site health clinics can deliver significant cost savings to employers, particularly when they take an outsourced approach.

Employers realize significant savings not only through treatment of minor illnesses and injuries but also through reduction in the number of visits employees make to doctors' offices and hospital emergency rooms. On-site clinics also help employees save by assisting in maintaining overall health and managing chronic health conditions.

By partnering with us, employers can:

  • Obtain measurable cost savings and employee health improvement.
  • Realize huge increase in employee morale.
  • Utilize an onsite pharmacy coordinated with your PBM.
  • Receive integrated Case Management.
  • Take advantage of Workers Comp Case Management.
  • Improve employee productivity (employees spend more time with the physician, but less time off work).
  • Continue to work with their current TPA, PBM and PPO.


Our on-site health care professionals deliver services provides employees with effective and efficient primary care, which allows our clinics to:

  • Treat primary care needs on-site to minimize direct medical costs, reduce lost work time and absenteeism, and improve productivity
  • Provide annual Health Risk Assessments through LabInsight to reduce high-cost downstream health care expenditures
  • Build employee loyalty, enhances recruitment, and reduces turnover

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CareHere, LLC

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