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Career Smart

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The philosophy behind the company is straightforward: Place the best candidates in the right positions. We use a thorough  process that starts with a deep understanding of our client’s company and the positions they need to fill; then we follow through with detailed screening and an objective assessment of the candidate’s capabilities and career path.

Career Opportunities

If you’re considering the next step in your career, we’d like to know.  At Career Smart, our mission is to help you find the right job in a company where you have a good potential for growth and success. We’re not “headhunters” or an employment agency. Career Smart will talk with you about an open position before we send your resume.

We understand that it’s not only the salary and benefits that are important. You also want to be happy in your new work environment. Your privacy is a priority and we’ll only send your resume when there’s a fit with your background, your capabilities, and your goals.

Even better, there are no costs to you. Career Smart is commissioned by employers to find the best potential candidates for positions that they need to fill. If we know your qualifications and what kinds of positions you’re considering, we can help you find a new job that fits.

Our clients are regularly seeking managers, salespeople, and technically skilled applicants for manufacturing positions. Other positions also come up frequently, and our first source for candidates is our resume database.