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Capital Remodeling

Public Sales - Marketing Construction 100 - 250 Employees 1 Active Jobs

Capital Remodeling, Inc. has been in the home remodeling and design business for over 27 years with 7 locations servicing 5 states including Georgia, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Specializing in replacement windows, kitchen cabinets and countertops, full bathroom installations, bath acrylic systems, siding, roofing and we are currently expanding our product line to include additional Green energy saving products.

Our exclusive signature Great View Window is rated amongst the best performers in the industry.

We have become a leader in the remodeling industry over the last 27 years with innovative products and marketing techniques.

Capital is expanding our territories to include additional areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic and East Cost regions.

Our staff is proud of our excellent track record with all regulating agencies as well as the Better Business Bureau and various other online rating sites.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who continually provide referrals and contract for additional work.


Rewards: Achieve financial independence Provide homeowner’s with rewarding solutions that last a lifetime Have a positive impact on families and communities throughout your territory Income: Your income is virtually unlimited and what you earn is directly related to your effort, your sales results and the types of relationships you build with your clients. With success comes enjoying the rare envied reward of balancing work with your personal goals. Compensation: We help our sales representatives to achieve their goals by establishing minimum earning levels that all Capital representatives are required to achieve. Together with your manager, these goals are discussed and a plan is established so that you will earn above average income. Representatives are compensated through the follow means: Guaranteed bi-weekly pay Highest commission pay structure in the industry Annual car expense Monthly and yearly bonuses Top performers incentive clubs Vacation contests Health reimbursement plan Retirement plan - 100% immediately fully vested Cell phone plan Family and Community Impact: As a member of Capital’s sales team, every solution you implement to your clients has a lasting impact on their family and the community. Your goal is to provide needs-basis analysis and offer a solution that best contributes to the well being of your clients while improving their every day life and increasing the value of their biggest life investment - their home. You will build enduring, trusting relationships that last years so that you can constantly re-evaluate families’ needs and introduce them to new energy saving products that not only benefit your client but also the environment. As you meet and engage more and more homeowners in the neighborhood, you will develop a solid reputation that that helps entire communities reach their goals. Experience a rewarding and uplifting career that compensates you generously while having a positive impact on families, communities and the environment.

Career Opportunities

Capital Remodeling, Inc.’s very foundation is set on hiring from within and keeping top qualified personnel in the family whenever possible. Once you have established yourself as a top producer as well as a company role model, you may choose to pursue a leadership role that offers growth through the development of existing and new representatives. Helping to strengthen the overall productivity of your local office will lead to additional opportunities that include operating your own office and eventually your own region. Not every path with Capital is the same however and through unique cross-training specialization, we are continually offering new and challenging career development programs.

Sales growth opportunities include:

Apprentice Representative
Begin your new career by helping to satisfy our client’s needs while earning top pay

Junior Sales Representative
Start to think about future opportunities within Capital while you continue to enjoy success in the field as you accumulate knowledge for future positions

Senior Sales Representatives
At this level your income potential is far beyond the opportunities of the average American and your leadership abilities are being molded for your next role

Sales Leader
Assist in the training and development of existing and new representatives while you continue to be a leader in the field

Sales Manager
Mold and manage your office by recruiting and training in order to build a cohesive unit of full time productive representatives

Regional Manager
Manage a network of offices that continually produce satisfied clients and record breaking sales figures

District Manager
Create a vision and be responsible for the success of multiple regions while helping to take the direction of the company to the next level

In addition to sales growth opportunities, we offer programs and training that relate to marketing, event planning and production management careers. Because our company is constantly expanding, new and challenging positions are always being created.


Your local office provides support and assistance to ensure your success. Our managers have a vested interest in making sure that you unlock your income potential.

Our strategies include:

Developing a marketing strategy that works best for you

Extensive one on one training as well as group motivational conferences

Access to key resource information that has taken decades to accumulate

Industry specifics that demonstrate our unique position in the marketplace

Mentoring programs and access to industry and sales leader educational materials

The foundation of our success has been our ability to satisfy our customers with high end performance products, quality installation and affordable prices. We realize that our client’s circumstances differ from one person to the next. Your training emphasizes individuality and your success lies in your ability to help our clients satisfy their needs.

Our proven training program develops your skills and gives you the confidence and foundation to become a successful representative in a minimum amount of time. Your training and progress is tracked individually and is being based on your prior knowledge and experience. Concepts, field tested sales techniques and traditions are taught by experienced sales managers that have enjoyed success and who have been part of our Capital family for years.

Your training will include how to:

Identify and understand a prospect’s need in order to help create a unique solution that will best satisfy their position.

Ask insightful and challenging questions to discover a prospective client’s requirements.

Handle objections in an effective and rewarding manner for all parties.

Effectively build a lifelong symbiotic relationship with your clients.

Teamwork is not only encouraged but rewarded through various programs, advancement procedures and select performance incentives. Our company has reached this level of success through hard work, accountability and team building.