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Cacique Inc.

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Our Story

In 1971, a young couple (our parents) received the
news. Unlike the joy brought by babies and weddings, their happy news came in
the form of a visa to the United States. Within one month they arrived with
three small children and a fourth on the way, with one suitcase each in hand
and a great deal of faith.


By 1973, our father was busy working hard to provide for his family. By
happenstance, he saw the opportunity to create a product that he was closely
acquainted with, high quality fresh cheese, also known as queso fresco.


After several late night kitchen table discussions, our parents decided to take
a gigantic leap of faith with their hard-earned savings of $1,500 and began the
journey of a lifetime. In 1973, they founded our company and named it “Cacique”.
In Latin America, the name signifies the chief of a tribe, the ultimate
authority, the very best and the pinnacle of experience. During those early
years, Dad taught Mom how to make cheese and he sold and delivered the fruits
of their labor with us pitching in after school and in summer. Our early years
were hard, our first plant was behind a drive through dairy in Lakewood,
California and our first delivery vehicle was a 1966 teal green Pontiac!. With
great products and the support of the community, Cacique took flight.


Now young entrepreneurs, they harnessed our father’s old-world knowledge of cheese
making and adeptness at chemistry and science with their furious work ethic and
strong moral character. Over the years, our parents’ guiding principles have
helped us overcome many obstacles. The old-world cheese making and passion for
our culture have resulted in our commitment to authenticity and tradition. The merging
of science and old world sensibility led to the realization of state-of-the-art
facilities that use the latest global cheese making and meat processing
technology to create authentic old-world products.


Four decades later, our family conscientiously strives every day to make the
highest quality cheese, cream, chorizo and yogurt products in the marketplace. As
a result, we are the largest brand of queso fresco, chorizo and cream in the
country.  We are proud of the fact that
we now have several generations of colleagues working at the company and many
of our best customers have been with us since the early days.


Today, the next generation of de Cardenas’, lead a professional management team
at Cacique.  The business remains family
owned but professionally operated but we have not lost the family commitment.  We invest in our business and our teams.  We support development through education and
coaching with the goal of building better leaders helping people attain their


Today and as long as our doors are open, our parents’ vision is our own and we
stay true to it. Their vibrant legacy is captured in our pillars logo that is
boldly present on every one of our Cacique products, representing family,
quality, integrity and authenticity.


We are very proud of our parents, our teams, of our company and of what we do
here at Cacique. We are particularly proud and humbled by the support our
customers and consumers have given us over the decades.  We are truly honored to be invited to our
consumer’s dinner table to share a meal and the laughter and joy of friends and
family.  It is our hope that you enjoy
and appreciate our products now that you know our story.


Buen Provecho,


Gilbert B. de Cardenas

Ana de Cardenas- Raptis

Maria de Cardenas- Krakovic

Antonio de Cardenas

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Established in 1973, Cacique® has affirmed itself as America's leader in Hispanic perishables. Our product offerings span from fresh cheeses, table creams, and processed cheese to cured meats and drinkable yogurts.

Our company has a strong presence amongst the Hispanic population nationwide and enjoys a steady path of growth. We are a very dedicated and competitive family owned company which offers an excellent environment in which to thrive and grow. We are always looking for individuals that share our passion for customer service, diversity, respect, openness and honesty.

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