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Brunel Global is the biggest and most experienced international Workforce Deployment and Mobility specialist. A publicly listed and transparent company with over 10,000 employees, 97 dedicated offices and presence in more than 30 countries gives us the ability to provide innovative deployment and mobility solutions, big or small.

Having been active in the most challenging of industries for more than 40 years, we are equipped with the unique capability, know-how and infrastructure to support and advice on the risks and challenges of deploying a global workforce and navigating complex local content regulations.

Our scope of solutions range from mobility, consultancy & HSE, employment management, talent management and technical & offshore solutions.

Our Vision

At Brunel, we’re all about providing outstanding local and global services to our clients and specialists. Our approach is based on our adaptability; our local presence; our strong global network and a solid IT infrastructure; and our exceptional team of motivated and knowledgeable people.

As the market changes, so do we – we approach our relationships with our clients as long-term partnerships, offering solutions that will benefit you now and in the future. We’re well-equipped to offer broad, expert support for technical projects, both locally and globally. We always look at the big picture, and can offer the full scope of services, cost efficiently and with flexibility, thanks to our worldwide network of offices, robust IT network, and excellent people.

Our Culture

At Brunel, our cultural values of entrepreneurship, a results-driven approach, and operational excellence are always at the very heart of what we do. Our culture is unique, strong and effective – by virtue of our strongest asset: our people. Our team is made up of the most ambitious, knowledgeable and passionate professionals, who all bring substantial specialist skills and drive to Brunel. Our strong emphasis on health, safety and the environment reflects our firm commitment to keeping our people as safe as possible.

Entrepreneurship and knowledge are at the core of our identity. While our global network is vast, we are always ‘One Brunel’ – which means we are rigorous about sharing information, building strength and simplifying complexity. This worldwide solidarity translates to first-rate services for our clients and contractors.