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Brilliant Financial Search - Chicago

Public Accounting - Finance Headquartered in Chicago, IL 2 Active Jobs

Brilliant specializes in professional temporary staffing, permanent search, and management resources for accounting, finance, and information technology.

Whether you are an employer looking for management resources or permanent and temporary staffing, or a professional searching for your next career move or assignment, you will find a solution here. Built on a consultative approach, the specific needs of your culture, department, and organization are taken into account as a tailored approach is implemented to bring you the best candidate to fill your staffing gap.


Organizations and hiring managers do not have the luxury of making the wrong hiring decision. The risk is too great. It takes time to define needs, and assess talent. In most cases, the time and energy necessary to make the right decision is not always available. Most importantly, managers may not be able to effectively develop and implement a successful interim staffing strategy or hiring solution. Brilliant delivers a complete package of professional staffing or hiring solutions that lowers a hiring company’s total staffing while executing their workload goals.

We guide you through every step in the hiring process, which reduces risk, lowers costs, and compresses your timeline to deliver the right talent to your organization.

Brilliant offers:

  • Knowledge about the accounting, finance, and information technology markets.
  • Knowledge about your company.
  • Knowledge about how to identify the right candidate.
  • Knowledge about how to navigate the placement process.

You’ll have recruiters who know how to mediate and address pitfalls such as salary negotiations, counter offer risk, and reference checks that many staffing firms miss during the placement process. This communication allows you to have an exceptionally talented pool of candidates for temporary and permanent staffing, as well as management resources.

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125 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 1150
Chicago, Illinois 60606

T: 312.582.1800
F: 312.582.1819