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Brazeway Inc

Private Manufacturing Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts HVAC 500 - 1,000 Employees Headquartered in Adrian, MICHIGAN 6 Active Jobs

Brazeway is the world's largest producer of frost-free evaporator coils and aluminum heat-transfer tubing and components for the appliance, HVAC, and automotive air conditioning sectors. We are a global leader in energy-efficient innovation, constantly working to make our own products obsolete. We have a team of highly motivated individuals who are not afraid to take risks in the pursuit of finding a better way to do what we do. When we fail, we learn. When we succeed, we change the world.

Core Values

Our Ten Commitments...
Of Brazeway Conduct

  • Always maintain the dignity of the individual.
  • Keep our facilities clean, organized and safe.
  • Treat all worldwide employees of Brazeway as team members, equal co-workers, and friends.
  • Put the good of the business before personal gain.
  • Make cooperation a part of our individual commitment.
  • Improve the value received by our customers every year.
  • Make constant improvement an everyday action.
  • Respond with speed and accuracy to our customer needs.
  • Behave responsibly to the global environment.
  • Behave legally and ethically in all we do.

    Our 8 People Principles...
    Our key human resource beliefs:

  • Select the best people...competent in mind and spirit.
  • Have integrity in all we do.
  • Create opportunities for our people to grow.
  • Commit to team processes throughout Brazeway.
  • Commit to lifelong learning and personal development.
  • Commit everyone to our Strategic Plan. We want everyone to participate and benefit like “owners.”
  • Reward creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Contribute to our communities financially and with our talents.

Quality Definition...

All Brazeway people are committed to excellence in the performance of individual and cooperative responsibilities in achieving our corporate goals. Our ultimate objective is to constantly improve performance in delivering, on a timely basis, products and services with a consistent quality level that meets or exceeds customers’ requirements. As individuals we accept that responsibility and accountability for our efforts and impact on the total organization.

By constantly improving, we mean we will always be an organization that seeks better products, production methods, and better forms of communication.

By delivering on a timely basis, we mean our products and services will be delivered as scheduled and as needed

By products and services, we include what each Brazeway employee produces either collectively or individually.

By consistent, we mean what we produce is the same time after time after time.

By customers, we mean everyone we deal with in our job. Therefore, we not only have the external customer, but also inter-company and inter-department customer relationships.