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BLC Recruiting

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BLC Recruiting was founded in January 1998. For the 20 years prior to the company’s formalization, its was actively involved in restaurant operations, where the owner held management positions at leading institutions and Fortune 100 companies.

Backed by a highly skilled team of recruiters and management consultants, we believe in our business philosophy of providing better than expected services to both our customers and clients: we are experts in the industry. With a unique approach of insight, foresight and peripheral vision, we provide exceptional results.

As management recruiters, we provide the personnel to operate a profitable and successful operation. As consultants we ensure that you have the operational “know how” and fundamentals to achieve your goals.


To provide a dynamic, strategic and concept driven service to employers and business organizations. To define and create a career path for managers in the Restaurant, Retail, and Hospitality industries by finding the right company to compliment an individual's skills set and experience level.


With our hands-on operational experience BLC Recruiting, Inc. will guide you through the critical process of opening a restaurant, improving profitability in an existing restaurant or developing a new concept with emphasis on the following: Management Needs Training and Employee Development Projection and Forecasting Profit & Loss Food Safety and Sanitation Sales Increase Web Design and ITS