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Black Sea Inc.

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Welcome to Black Sea, Inc., the premier sales and marketing company for Fortune 500 Companies! Our associates are specially trained to fulfill the essential sales needs for your Company, to assist you in expanding your geographic market as well as your overall market share. We assess your products and services and strategize in order to hit the ground running when we take them to market. Bottom line? We'll help your company increase sales.

Our Mission

Make no mistake¦ a company's expansion in the marketplace is good. Maintaining and strengthening those existing relationships is even better. Oftentimes as a company grows, it becomes harder to give one-on-one attention to its customers. What we like to call "the lost art of interpersonal communication. While these consequences may be unintended, they are by no means unmanageable. This is what we strongly believe and that's where we come in to assist.

Relationships require constant care. As business leaders, when it comes to our customer base we know how crucial it is to monitor and make adjustments when necessary. Like a chiropractor, this calls for a hands-on approach.

Imagine having a highly-energized sales team at your disposal.

At Black Sea, Inc. this is where we excel. Our focus is people. By providing that handshake, that face-to-face one-on-one, we create a richer buying experience for old and new customers alike so that you as a company can focus on your core competencies. Namely, your strengths.

Our commitment is to help our clients on the ground so that they can continue to soar to new heights of success.

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Black Sea Inc.
357 Riverside Dr. Suite 130
Franklin, TN 37064