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Birch Family Services

Birch Family Services is a team of more than 3,000 teachers, therapists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, residence counselors, administrators, board members, and family members working together:

  • To provide the finest education, habilitation, and residential services to people with autism and other developmental disabilities
  • To help their families overcome the lifelong obstacles they face in raising children with disabilities.

Family Support Services

Our Family Support Services Program is dedicated to strengthening and empowering families to meet the challenges of parenting children with disabilities. By giving parents opportunities to gain support from other parents and professionals, providing information about a complex and often confusing array of public and private resources and how to access them, helping parents understand and manage their children’s special needs and the impact this has on their family, we equip families with the tools they need to face daily and future challenges, and reduce the fear and anxiety that these challenges often evoke. Family support has positive outcome for all family members.

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Birch Family Services
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