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We’re a department store rooted in timeless values and a rich heritage. We’re committed to delivering fashion and today’s top brands to the modern Southern woman. We satisfy the modern Southern lifestyle like no one else because we know it like no one else. We aim to be gracious, friendly, passionate, and colorful at every turn. We believe Southern isn’t just a place: it’s an attitude and state of mind. At Belk, you’ll find today’s styles at prices that are just right for our customers. And we take care of our customers in ways that make them feel special.


Belk strives to offer a quality benefits program that meets the varying needs of its Associates. Associates have different benefits needs and require the flexibility to choose different types and levels of benefits coverage. The BelkChoice Benefits Program provides that flexibility to Full-Time associates. If you are a parent, your benefits needs are probably different from an Associate who is single or one who is married without children; you need more flexibility in choosing your benefits and more control over how much you spend for benefits. With BelkChoice, you can select the level of participation that meets your unique needs. Another advantage of BelkChoice is that in many cases your benefits costs can be paid with pre-tax dollars. Using pre-tax dollars to pay for benefits helps make your coverage more affordable. This is because the tax savings you receive helps to offset part of the cost of those benefits. Most benefit plans have a three month waiting period. The BelkChoice program includes a variety of benefit plans, ranging from healthcare, income protection, survivor protection, rest and relaxation and retirement security. It offers "Choice" benefits, which are available to you on an optional basis and "Core" benefits, which Belk automatically provides to you at no cost.

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