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Non-profit Not for Profit - Charitable Healthcare - Health Services Social Services Headquartered in San Antonio, TX

Global Network of Non-Profits Creating Lasting Change.

BCFS is a global network of non-profit organizations operating health and human services programs throughout the U.S., Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

BCFS is an innovative and dynamic system of non-profit organizations that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of at-risk populations. BCFS partners with government agencies, corporations, non-profits, and community leaders to develop programs and service models that combat challenges in health and human services.

Medical & Health Care

BCFS provides medical and health care services -- including prenatal, pediatric, dental, emergency and mental health care -- to those in need around the world.

BCFS leads medical and health care programs that serve a variety of populations. Our mobile medical clinics reach families in rural, impoverished or isolated communities that lack access to proper hygeine and health care services. Without BCFS' work, many of the families we serve along the U.S.-Mexico border would never see a doctor or seek prenatal care.

Contact Us

Corporate Office
1506 Bexar Crossing
San Antonio, TX 78232
Toll Free: 1-800-830-2246
Local : 210-832-5000
Fax: 210-832-5005

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