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Barry-Wehmiller Design Group

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Design Group is a leading engineering, systems integration, and technology consulting firm, capable of providing complete operating solutions for consumer products, life sciences, and other industrial sectors. Design Group provides engineering, project management, regulatory compliance, and other technology services to the world’s leading companies. Design Group provides professional engineering, architectural and construction management services through our wholly owned and professionally licensed subsidiary, Design Group Facility Solutions, Inc.

We are focused on providing our professionals with opportunities for leadership and career advancement within a thriving work environment and a unique “people-centric” culture. We offer a robust, centralized learning and development program to improve the career experience for every professional.

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Career Opportunities

Design Group offers a variety of challenging, growth-oriented career opportunities for engineers, project managers, and other technical specialists.  Our professionals routinely engage with the world’s leading companies on technically challenging projects.  Design Group professionals encounter a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow, develop deep relationships with clients, suppliers, and peers, and make meaningful contributions to achieve the goals of our clients and our firm.

Design Group has established a proven track record of consistent growth over the last three decades, along with a sustained commitment toward a strong business model and employment stability.  Our unique Professional Development Program provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and leadership development.


A premier supplier of manufacturing automation & control systems, facility design, process engineering, regulatory compliance, & other engineering consulting services

Our History

Design Group was founded in 1986 with a single office, a few technical professionals, and a compelling vision: to provide technical solutions to our clients, in a manner which was autonomous and independent from the Barry-Wehmiller equipment divisions. The early years were shaped by a strong reliance upon packaging integration services for our historic brewery and soft drink clients.

Over the course of the next 25 years, Design Group steadily transformed its vision through careful thought and deliberate decisions. While the beverage industry remains a very meaningful segment of our business, the firm has reduced its reliance on any one industry or client. We have worked hard to achieve greater diversity and balance, and Design Group today serves a broad range of market sectors such as food and dairy, personal care products, household goods, pharmaceutical products, chemical industry, and energy and utilities, etc. We have focused our efforts to build balance within our markets, service offerings, geographical locations, and customer base, so that no single client, market, or region dominates our business strategy.