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Bank @lantec, a division of Dollar Bank, FSB

Private Banking - Financial Services

Bank @lantec, a division of Dollar Bank, FSB and Dollar Bank, FSB are one and the same bank, not separate banks. Bank @lantec is a trade name used in Virginia by Dollar Bank, FSB. Therefore, Bank @lantec is the same FDIC-insured institution. Deposits held under each trade name – Bank @lantec or Dollar Bank - are not separately insured, but are combined to determine whether a depositor has exceeded the $250,000 federal deposit insurance limit.


Friendly and knowledgeable Bank @lantec employees who are committed to going above and beyond for our customers can be found at our four locations throughout the Hampton Roads community. We believe in focusing on each customer’s unique needs, making banking as easy as possible, and constantly working to improve and simplify our processes and services.

As a division of Dollar Bank, FSB, of the largest independent mutual bank in the nation, we have the luxury of focusing on what means the most to us*:

  • Our customer commitment and giving back to the communities we serve
  • Seeking employees who share in our philosophy

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Bank @lantec, a division of Dollar Bank, FSB
501 S. Independence Blvd.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452