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BakerCorp is a market leader in tank, pump, filtration and shoring equipment rentals, with a network of locations including operations in North America, Europe, Canada and Mexico. Backed by a broad selection of high-quality industrial, liquid and solid-handling equipment, our exceptional team helps get our customers what they need, where they need it, on time.

The company maintains a rental fleet consisting of more than 20,000 units, including steel tanks, polyethylene tanks, roll-off boxes, pumps, pipes, hoses and fittings, filtration units, tank trailers, berms and trench shoring equipment. BakerCorp serves customers in over 15 industries including oil and gas, industrial and environmental services, refining, environmental remediation, construction, chemicals, transportation, power and municipal works. The company also works with customers to deliver a mix of products and services for a wide variety of applications that include: chemical, manufacturing, refining, construction, municipal, industrial services, environmental remediation, power generation, tank terminal/pipeline operations, transportation, mining, electronics and wastewater.

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BakerCorp is a growing and dynamic company, headquartered in Seal Beach, California. We offer a competitive wage and benefit package that includes;
  • medical insurance
  • dental insurance
  • life insurance
  • profit sharing
  • 401K programs. BakerCorp is an equal opportunity employer

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    BakerCorp DevelopsImproved Liquid Filtration Rental Solution

    Portable 10K Specialty Media System offers less hassle, high flow rate and faster setup

    Seal Beach, CA; June 22, 2007 - BakerCorp announced today the unveiling of a new 10K Specialty Media System that enables more flexibility for filtration industry professionals. This new filtration system features dual 10K vessels, containing up to 10,000 lbs (10K) of media per vessel, an integrated lead-lag pipe rack with backwash capability and a safety work platform conveniently mounted on a compact skid. The new system was designed to achieve higher flow rates while providing a more cost-effective, labor-saving alternative to traditional equipment commonly used for liquid filtration applications.

    “An impressive feature of this technology is how easy it is to transport and setup. The design of the new stainless steel saves hours of labor because a BakerCorp driver can set the system in place at the jobsite, straight off the truck. You just make your connections and go,” said Chuck Jarnecke, director of filtration and media for BakerCorp. Larger, heavier filtration systems historically required the equipment to lay flat during transport, often involving the services of an extra-wide load truck, special permits and added labor for setup and installation. The new BakerCorp integrated filtration system is compact in size and does not require special permits for transport and delivery. The equipment can be delivered to the site and quickly unloaded job-ready. BakerCorp designed the product with safety in mind by building permanently-attached catwalks, guard rails and ladders to each system. Additionally, the system’s footprint equalizes the weight along a wide base, eliminating the need for a support pad to be placed underneath the equipment.

    Another benefit of Baker’s new dual-vessel system is its ability to perform in series or in parallel, running at a flow rate up to 1200 GPM. Other value-added characteristics of the system include: the ability to filter differing media within the same unit and a feature called “duty standby,” where operators clean and replace spent media out of one unit while the other unit takes over processing the remainder of the filtration job without delay. The 10K systems utilize an exhaustive range of specialty media, depending on the needs of the specific project, from organoclay to ion exchange, arsenic media, activated carbon, specialty resins and smaller particulate media.

    Jarnecke added, “BakerCorp can supply all specialty media for the systems in addition to designing, installing and servicing the units, providing an unmatched level of on-site services to complement its filtration solutions.” These new integrated systems have been put into use in applications that include environmental remediation, construction, petrochemical, refineries and emergency response. The portability and flexibility of the system particularly appeals to emergency response, as the nature of the field requires shorter setup times and adaptability to unique job constraints. “The applications for this product are limitless,” Jarnecke said. “These systems are already ASME certified for the refinery industry and we continue to find additional industries where this product will thrive.

    About BakerCorp

    BakerCorp is the industry leader in containment, pumping and filtration equipment rental solutions. Since its inception in 1942, BakerCorp has grown to become the largest and most experienced containment, pumping and filtration solutions provider with over 90 locations nationwide and international operations in Europe, Canada and Mexico. BakerCorp retains an extensive inventory of over 18,000 pieces of equipment including more than 17 varieties of steel tanks, roll off boxes, pumps, filtration, shoring and specialty equipment. BakerCorp provides innovative solutions to an ever expanding number of markets that include: chemical, manufacturing, refining, construction, municipal, industrial services, environmental, remediation, power generation, aerospace, food processing, tank terminal/pipeline operations, transportation, pulp and paper, mining, electronics, wastewater, and many others.


    BakerCorp is an equal opportunity employer


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