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Baker Distributing Company

Public Retail 2,500 - 5,000 Employees 35 Active Jobs

Baker Distributing Co. is engaged in the marketing and distribution of air conditioning, refrigeration and heating equipment, parts and supplies. With over 200 Service Centers across the United States, we are everywhere our customers need us to be. We bring over 65 years of business experience and knowledge of the HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration industries to our customers. Contact us now to begin receiving the world-class services your company deserves! Each Baker Distributing Service Center is staffed by the most knowledgeable and customer service oriented people in our industry. With a complete inventory of HVAC/R products and technical assistance, our Service Centers can provide you with the products and information you need to make your job and you more efficient.

Technical Support

The primary mission of Baker Distributing Company’s Technical Support Group (TSG) is to provide HVAC dealers access to technical support via telephone and email. Their diverse experience and technical focus provide the flexibility necessary to quickly assist technicians with field issues to maximize customer satisfaction and meet expectations. When necessary, the TSG also works with the service centers throughout the company to assist in warranty dispositions.

In addition, the TSG provides fee based HVAC technical training. This training can be requested through our service centers. As our industry transitions to 410A and products continue to evolve with the latest technologies, training is more important than ever. A wide selection of HVAC/R CD’s, DVD’s and manuals are also available in the local service centers. Subjects range from North American Technical Excellence exam preparation to specific HVAC/R topics that can expand an individual’s industry knowledge base and skill level.


7892 Baymeadows Way
Jacksonville, FL 32256
After Hours : 1-800-217-4698