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Bahama Breeze

Public Restaurant 100 - 250 Employees 22 Active Jobs

With its unique combination of Caribbean-inspired food, handcrafted tropical drinks, vibrant atmosphere and people happy to be of service, Bahama Breeze is the restaurant that brings you the feeling of a Caribbean Escape.

The first Bahama Breeze opened its doors in 1996 in Orlando, FL, and now operates 24 restaurants nationally. Bahama Breeze is owned by Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI), the nation’s largest casual dining restaurant company.

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The Bahama Breeze Way

The founding idea of Bahama Breeze is creating an escape in the day, a place for our Guests to be relaxed, refreshed and indulged in the casually elegant and gracious setting of a five star tropical resort restaurant. Our passion is delivering a Five Star guest experience that tantalizes the senses and provides an antidote to the stress of everyday life.

Our purpose is to nourish and delight everyone we serve — Team Members, Guests, Vendor-partners, Communities, and Darden Restaurants, Inc. Our goal is to be a growing world-class brand in the upper end of casual dining that has everyday appeal. How we show our passion, live our purpose, and achieve our goal is guided by our eight principles:

Respect and Caring is welcoming, sharing, helping people in tangible ways and being of service. It is being warm, sensitive, generous in spirit and enthusiastic about bringing comfort and delight to others. It is anticipating wants and needs and fulfilling them, making our People feel appreciated and special, and having them say, “You didn’t have to do that!”

Learning and Teaching is being open-minded to new ideas, always thinking, using common sense, staying fresh, and continually striving for success. It is learning, changing, and learning from change in order to ensure a future that includes all of us and is fun and exciting. It is an attitude of “Openness, persistence, and achievement.”

Integrity and Fairness is being truthful, candid, and practicing “Darden Honesty” – answering all the questions that were asked, as well as those that should have been. It is doing the right thing, protecting the property and well-being of others, and acting in the best long-term interest of Bahama Breeze and our People. It is an attitude of “My personal credibility is the face of Bahama Breeze.”

Energy is making our Peoples’ urgency our urgency. It is moving with purpose and finishing what has been started. It is an attitude of “I’m here to make it happen – now!”

Fun is a lighthearted sense of humor, celebration, and being a pleasure to be around. It is being able to laugh, succeed, and celebrate, and say, “Is this a great place, or what?”

Excellence is the mastery of proven systems, methods and procedures, and achieving measured outcomes, all in pursuit of perfection. It is industry-leading quality, unrelenting attention to the details of a Five Star experience, and an attitude of “Our People deserve the very best.”

Diversity is reaching out, being inclusive, and showing respect for the dignity, individuality, and worth of people and cultures. It is embracing the strengths and richness in our differences and leveraging the power of our thoughts, actions and ideas, and an attitude of “You are always welcome at Bahama Breeze.”

Balance is delivering on our promises to each of our People without sacrificing one for another. It is living The Bahama Breeze Way and having the courage to say no when yes would be easier, and yes when no would be safe. It is an attitude of “Every person, every time.”

Bahama Breeze is about people and quality. Our founding idea, passion, purpose, goal, and principles are the foundation of Bahama Breeze as they define our business, source of energy, achievements, and what we stand for. The Bahama Breeze Way is a map to being a world-class brand of honored character and earning the crown jewels of success: the trust and loyalty of our People. Trust is confidence that a promise will be kept, good judgment and discretion will be exercised, and the intended results will be achieved. Loyalty is the product of being trustworthy and making our founding idea, passion, purpose, and goal real for our People.
To Team Members:

A great restaurant is where people can go to be refreshed, indulged, and pampered with outstanding food, drink, and service. Being fully staffed with fully trained Team Members who have a passion for hospitality and a love of quality enables a great restaurant. Bahama Breeze is teamwork perfectly executed. When you choose to join our team, you choose to live by our principles and keep the promises of The Bahama Breeze Way. Successful Team Members thrive on our pace, energy, and the daily opportunity to deliver a Five Star experience to our Guests. Our secret ingredient is you and your passion for the work we do.

Welcome to Bahama Breeze and the opportunity to make a difference! Our goal is for you to have personal balance, grow, have fun, and make money. In support of this goal, we promise you:

Clear Direction is understanding our priorities and your role in delivering a Five Star Guest experience. It is knowing how your success is defined and being held accountable for your attitude, performance, and results. “I know exactly what’s expected of me.”

Superb Preparation is initial and continuous training, teaching and learning of The Bahama Breeze Way, our systems, methods, procedures, and routines, and having the opportunity to learn and practice before being held accountable. It is about having the competence and confidence to deliver a Five Star experience. “I’m ready!”

Unwavering Support is working with great Team Members, tools, and equipment. It is receiving feedback on your performance and progress that is specific, comprehensive, timely, and constructive, and having support that helps you to improve and grow. “I have what I need to do my job and the support to do it better.”

Belonging is being included and listened to, respecting your individuality, and knowing you have a “friend on the inside.” We emphasize promotion from within, recognition and celebration of your personal and professional achievements, and we reach out to you in tangible ways when you are in difficult circumstances. “I am part of a Five Star experience, and I belong.”

Of A Team Member:

Most Team Members are in the restaurants working in the heart- or soul-of-the-house; some are in management and have the honor and added responsibility of leading and coaching other Team Members. Still others are in the Support Center treating the restaurant teams as their Guests. As a member of the team, you can count on the promises to Team Members being kept. We, in turn, ask that you keep the three promises of a Team Member:

Commitment is learning and living The Bahama Breeze Way and speaking up whenever you feel it is compromised. This is leadership. It is actively contributing to the present and future of Bahama Breeze by mastering our systems, methods, and procedures through disciplined routines. It is making your personal best the starting point of achievement, and doing exactly what you agreed to do. “I own my actions and results.”

Teamwork is learning your job, doing it with excellence, jumping in to help your Team Members, and asking for help before it is too late. It is sharing your knowledge and skills with others through boundaryless behavior and being open to input and direction. “I will learn, teach, share, and succeed.”

Whatever-it-takes is taking on the challenge of excellence. It is urgency and enthusiasm for taking care of our People, finding work to do before it finds you, knocking down the barriers to success, and having a can-do, let’s-get-after-it attitude toward everything we do. “I’m all over it!”

Keeping these seven promises are the give and take of a great team and enable us to Wow! every Guest, every time. How well they are kept determines the nature and level of your and Bahama Breeze’s success. Being a member of a team that keeps its promises and celebrates the contributions of its members fuels your pride in Bahama Breeze and creates in you an intense desire to stay.


Great Benefits!

Along with the opportunity to work with a fantastic staff, Bahama Breeze offers a variety of benefits for our team members. Some of these include Immediate:

  • Medical Coverage

  • Dental Coverage

  • 401(k)

  • Retierment Plan

  • Stock Purchase Plan

  • Flexible Spending Account


Bahama Breeze is the nation’s leading Caribbean-inspired restaurant company. We serve guests chef-prepared, made-from-scratch Caribbean cuisine and hand-crafted drinks in a relaxed island atmosphere. Our restaurants offer a refreshing island getaway with welcoming hospitality, innovative cuisine and tropical atmosphere. Our building is inspired by island architecture, with rich woods and wicker throughout, spacious dining rooms, high ceilings, a tin roof and lush 20-foot palm trees.


At Darden Restaurants, Diversity is a priority, a strategy, and a way of life.

That’s because the restaurant business is a people business. Diversity in the broadest sense can be found in Darden’s large workforce (140,000 valued people) and in the 300 million guests we serve annually.

We promote and celebrate diversity throughout the company, not just because it’s “the right thing to do,” but becaue we know it’s crucial to our future growth. Darden respects and cherishes the distinctions our employees bring to the workplace, including diversity in race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.

For more than 65 years, Darden Restaurants has been committed to creating an environment where everyone is welcome. Our founder, Bill Darden, recognized that if we hired people of all backgrounds, we’d have more talent, and if our restaurants welcomed people of all backgrounds, we would have more customers. That’s why diversity has been the power that allows Darden to grow its Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze and Smokey Bones Barbeque & Grill restaurants. As our country becomes increasingly more diverse, Darden’s ability to be the casual dining choice of all people is critical to its success.

“Our greatest competitive edge is the quality of our employees, evidenced by the excellent job they do every day.”