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Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 52 Active Jobs

For more than 20 years, we've helped connect thousands of recent graduates to meaningful, entry-level jobs at high-growth companies.

We specialized in matching recent college graduates to career-track, entry-level positions within great companies. Our proprietary, comprehensive process creates a “right fit” match for both candidates and clients, resulting in higher satisfaction and higher retention rates.


We partner with companies looking for full-time, entry-level employees with competitive pay in a wide variety of industries across the country. We've got you covered from healthcare, insurance, finance, logistics, communications, non-profits, and much more. 

What We Offer

How We Place Candidates
Our model includes interviewing, career and skills discovery, coaching, and personalized matching. 

The first part of your interview is a behavioral-based interview where we identify your key transferable skills that have value in the workforce. In the second part, we perform a career exploration, including your career goals and interests, with an eye toward matching your skills with those goals. Additionally, we provide coaching – a critique of your current job search strategy and feedback on your resume, interview approach, and other important factors.

How We Can Help You
Our goal is to help new grads find a career opportunity that is a match for their skills, attributes and career interests. We work with you to identify skills, career goals and development aspirations, then find opportunities that not only match but will provide a great professional foundation and help you kickstart a successful career.