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Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 100 Active Jobs

The inefficiencies of the entry-level job market have created a barrier between great grads and great hiring companies. GradStaff breaks down this barrier by serving as a professional matchmaker to help grads and companies find each other.

Our customized and personalized approach has helped us connect thousands of recent graduates to meaningful entry-level jobs at high-growth companies.


In college, you dream of your first professional job. You dream of what you can accomplish. Then, the reality of finding the dream job sets in. We understand that to be successful in your job search, you need to develop a well-thought out strategy and have the discipline to execute it. It starts with understanding the skills and attributes you possess that have value in the workplace. When you understand your strengths and potential value to an employer, you can then identify the careers that best fit you.

What We Offer

How We Place Candidates
Our model includes interviewing and pre-qualifying candidates like yourself, and then placing you in positions with our client companies. We fill long-term (permanent) positions using either an Evaluation-To-Hire™ or direct hire model. We also fill shorter term assignments using a project-based staffing model.

How We Can Help You
Our goal is to help new grads find a career opportunity that is a perfect match for their skills, attributes and career interests. Our staffing model was designed based on research in the field of behavioral science at the University of Minnesota. In essence, this research predicts a direct correlation between the success we have in our careers and the skills and attributes we possess as individuals compared to the skills and attributes required by the jobs we do. If we find jobs that take advantage of our strengths, we should enjoy the work, perform well, and achieve career growth.