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Automated Health Systems

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Automated Health Systems, Inc (AHS) is a national health services management company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since our founding in 1979, the goal of Automated Health Systems has been the promotion of health in low-income families and communities. With over 700 employees and offices in 6 states, our unique focus is on administering large-scale public health programs for state and local government.

At AHS, we take a systems approach to helping government, community and private entities orchestrate the delivery of quality health care more cost effectively. We have addressed the changing needs created by the migration of our client base to the managed care arena by providing new products and services to state agencies. As a result, AHS now has eight distinct but interrelated lines of business:

•Eligibility/Enrollment Operations
•Enrollment Brokering
•EPSDT (for both states and health plans)
•Health Insurance Exchange
•Hospice Services Administration
•Medicaid Hotline Administration
•Primary Care Case Management
•Qualified Income Trust
•Vaccines for Children

Overall, we have provided our expertise as program developers and administrators to 13 states with current contracts totaling well over $200 million. Our 700 employees include management, health care, telemarketing, and computer professionals -- and most of our management team has been with the organization for nearly three decades. When you turn to AHS, you are accessing experienced, comprehensive, health program management.

Career Opportunities

Automated Health Systems' goal is the promotion of health and prevention for low-income families and their communities. AHS’ operations have been devoted solely to health programs for low-income groups and families in need. The diversity of this experience has given AHS a complete and overarching view of the health-related challenges faced by Medicaid consumers and allows us to bring a well-rounded attitude, comprehensive knowledge base, and successful record of partnership and accomplishment to the projects we administer.

This offers a unique employment opportunity with a sense of reward and accomplishment each day. We strive to create a knowledgeable and culturally sensitive staff with relevant experience in health and human services. Our success has enabled us to grow into a diverse staff of over 1,000 employees located in eight states.

As a company that manages health care programs in several states, at any given time we have openings in both our corporate headquarters and in our various state Project offices. Join the Automated Health Systems Talent Network today to learn about career opportunities that are right for you!

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300 Arcadia Court
9370 McKnight Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237