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Austin Communication Group, Inc

Private Sales - Marketing

Here at ACG we are a growth-focused organization, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. We cultivate an environment filled with fun, energy, music, and creativity.

Our Approach to Sales & Marketing

We are committed to promoting the growth of our clients by representing them with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our company will expand by promoting an environment of hard work, dedication, tenacity, and organization. We will develop our employees and empower them to grow professionally and personally. By maintaining our standards as a leader in our industry, we will continuously grow the size of our organization.

 Our Products & Promotions

Because we deliver the promotions directly to the potential customer, in person, we uphold high standards for the products we choose to promote. Our products are always on the cutting-edge of technology and come at the most competitive pricing available. We are currently living in a digital, data revolution. Technologies that offer faster data transfers, greater consistency and reliability, and more features are the technologies that are winning over customers. It is these products that we strive to offer. Fiber optics is the current forerunner, and were looking to replace old and existing technologies with better telephone, internet, and television services built on the backbone of fiber optics.

We’re Expanding

Our ACG methodology has allowed us to become a successful professional sales and marketing force in new markets and where there is virtually no existing sales presence. We’re a team of smart people, with smart products and promotions. Our structure is solid, but we’re not sitting still. We’re constantly improving and innovating our sales and marketing strategies, promoting our people, and expanding with new offices.

Career Opportunities

We are committed to being the best at every level of what we do: for our clients, for our employees, for our customers, and for the community in general. We are looking for people who share those same ideals.

Our approach is straight forward and one-on-one. We value work ethic over a certain level of experience, and an optimistic attitude over a specific degree. We know that success is not guaranteed by just knowledge alone; we look for people who are concerned about their futures and who desire success for themselves.