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@WORK Personnel Services is a full service staffing supplier offering a broad variety of customized employment programs to fit the precise needs of each of our valued clients and employees. Such programs include traditional temporary labor, temp-to-hire personnel, payrolling and complete on-site services.

@WORK Personnel Services consists of independently owned franchise offices that each have the independent freedom to custom design specific staffing solutions for clients in their area. With additional regional, corporate and on-site facilities, @WORK Personnel Services has the experience and capability to create and manage the right staffing program for today’s fast moving companies.

@WORK Personnel Services is dedicated to teaming with local, regional, and national companies that realize the importance of developing a relationship with a staffing company that can not only lower managed staffing costs, but also increase the number of service programs that are offered.

In addition, @WORK dedicates itself to remaining on the cutting edge of service structures, technology and methods in an effort to achieve our overall mission. We know that in order for our company to succeed, we must differentiate ourselves from the competition. We do this by constantly evaluating the programs we offer, customizing our services to fit the precise needs of each of our clients, centering our services on total quality management and customer service, and most importantly, on-going, consistent communication and feedback from our clients.

Career Opportunities

For individuals seeking employment in today’s tough job market, there are numerous benefits associated with using @WORK Personnel Services to find that perfect job, including flexibility and independence, experience and training, supplemental income, and for an increasing number – a bridge to a permanent job.

Individuals looking for their first job, re-entering the labor force after an absence, looking for work after being laid off, or simply leaving their current job with the expectation of finding a better one all use and benefit from temporary work to get new experience and demonstrate their skills to potential new employers.

Traditional Services

Short Term Staffing
Regardless of the duration of the assignment for which you need employees, @WORK will supply skilled and dependable individuals to fulfill the needs of your company.

Long Term Staffing
Need employees for an indefinite, long-term assignment? @WORK has the people you’re looking for. Through the use of innovative recruiting techniques, we maintain an on-going pool of flexible, highly qualified workers that are ready to go to work today.

Temp-to-Hire Personnel
Hiring the wrong person for the job can be a costly staffing mistake. @WORK will assign qualified, skilled individuals on a temp-to-hire basis allowing you to evaluate their performance before a full-time offer is made.

Customized Placement Services
If your company is like most, you have a variety of needs that may change from day to day. No problem. @WORK Personnel Services will customize a staffing program to fulfill your company’s ever-changing needs.

Why @WORK?

In today’s competitive marketplace, the use of staffing services by large and small employers alike has become the norm. In fact, 90% of all companies use temporary help services because of the many benefits associated with co-employment relationships that staffing professionals such as @WORK Personnel Services provide.

Employers that have flexibility in adjusting labor requirements to meet product and service demands have a competitive edge over those with less flexible human resources policies. Furthermore, the practice of auditioning permanent employee candidates as temporaries first is the fastest growing segment of the staffing industry, reflecting the desires of employers to observe candidates for a trial period before deciding whether they are right for the job.

Another major benefit of utilizing @WORK Personnel Services is that staffing companies simply do a better job of recruiting because that is our core business and the results we achieve for our clients are enhanced by the investment we make in recruiting and training the employees we provide to clients.

Additional benefits such as the outsourcing of payroll and the administration of employee related taxes and workers compensation risk and cost are also alleviated through the services that @WORK Personnel Services provides.