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Aspromonte Marketing

Private Sales - Marketing Consulting < 100 Employees Headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ 4 Active Jobs

Welcome to Aspromonte Marketing, a privately owned consulting and marketing company headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We were founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Nick Aspromonte and have since grown in leaps and bounds. We are built upon values of integrity, transparency, and accountability.
Where most other companies fail is precisely where Aspromonte Marketing thrives: attracting the attention of a target market. We are hired by large service-based corporations who are seeking to expand their market share through customer acquisition and retention. Our expertise is in uncovering problems and implementing solutions for our clients' business-class customers. We spend the time cultivating relationships in person – the only real way to get to know someone.
We are currently contracted by the largest energy retailer in North America, and our campaign thus far has been a tremendous success. We are big believers that getting results is one thing – but getting results with 100% integrity is another. And the latter is precisely what we have done.
Aspromonte Marketing has the talent, capabilities, and most importantly, the drive to take on any business challenge or opportunity. Our in-person marketing solutions have a proven track record of success, and with consistent and reliable results, it’s no surprise that our clients are hungry for more.

Aspromonte Marketing Careers

If you're looking for a "typical" nine to five cubicle job, you won't find one at Aspromonte Marketing. We are proud to offer career opportunities that are more challenging -- and therefore vastly more rewarding -- than average. All positions in Cherry Hill provide the opportunity to start in the entry level and advance into a management role. Seniority is never an aspect of this equation. Each person employed by Aspromonte Marketing receives personalized training and mentorship from an experienced trainer.

Many individuals choose to take part in our unique executive training program in order to earn valuable business experience a variety of key disciplines. This either serves as the foundation for an executive role with our firm -- or as an ideal resume-builder. Training covers a variety of essential business and interpersonal skills such as human resource management, finance, sales, marketing and team leadership.

Aspromonte Marketing typically attracts those who are internally motivated, competitive, and team-oriented. Many of our employees are former athletes (ranging from recreational to professional). We also have several team members who come from restaurant and retail backgrounds. Since on-the-job training is provided, we do not require three to five years of experience for an entry level position - as many firms do.

Our Environment

Our fun, team-based environment promotes personal and professional growth. We are a close-knit, friendly, and welcoming team. On a typical morning at Aspromonte Marketing you'll hear music playing and people laughing. You'll probably catch at least a high five or two. We've got a unique culture and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Philanthropy will become a part of your life when you join Aspromonte Marketing. We value giving back and regularly host fundraising events for Operation Smile, breast cancer, and colon cancer. We happen to be huge fans of poker, so you'll probably be invited to a charitable tournament within your first month working here.

Our president loves to throw out fun incentives to the team. Whether it be a Philly's game, a trip to Las Vegas, a giant TV, or a gift card, Nick enjoys throwing down a competition with a cool prize. 
The name of the game at Aspromonte Marketing is working hard and being productive -- but having fun while doing it!

You can check out our Instagram page to get a sense of our culture for yourself: @AspromonteMarketing.

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