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Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ)


In 1940, when Tucson's population was fewer than 60,000, the Tucson Citizen and the Arizona Daily Star entered into a joint agency agreement that combined all mechanical and business functions of both newspapers. This JOA was one of the first in the country (Albuquerque’s being the first). Later, more than 20 JOAs were formed to preserve news and editorial competition in local communities.

Under the terms of Tucson’s JOA, a business agency – TNI Partners (or TNI) – was formed to handle all business operations for the Star and the Citizen. The Star and Citizen, maintaining their editorial independence and vigorous competition for the news, shared all production facilities. They also created common business departments. The ownership of the agency was equally shared by the Star and Citizen. 

When the JOA was formed, the two newspapers moved into a common plant at 208 N. Stone Ave., where they remained for 32 years through several remodeling and expansions, until they transferred their operations in 1973 to a new and larger building at 4850 S. Park Ave.

In the 1960's, the owner of the Citizen exercised a clause in the JOA agreement to buy the Star. That purchase was challenged by the United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division. Moreover, that challenge and a related investigation led the Department to file a lawsuit claiming that the Tucson JOA itself (and by implication all other JOAs across the country) violated federal antitrust law.

A trial was held in the mid 1960's in Tucson, and both the JOA and the acquisition were blocked. The United States Supreme Court upheld that decision several years later.

However, while the litigation was proceeding, newspaper publishers and owners sought relief in Congress, claiming that an adverse decision in Tucson would cause their communities to lose an editorial voice. The lobbying was successful and the Newspaper Preservation Act was signed into law in 1970, effectively overturning the Supreme Court decision and reinstating the Tucson JOA. So, in the legal annals, Tucson Newspapers are quite famous!

The JOA operations remained basically unchanged until 1989 when the partners changed their form of business from a corporation to a general partnership. Thus, the agency became TNI Partners in 1989. The agency today is commonly known as Tucson Newspapers.

The agreement also was modified in a number of ways, but the basic operational structure remained the same with one key exception. The 1989 agreement eliminated a three-person executive committee that ran TNI and created a president for the agency instead of a general manager.

The Arizona Daily Star is owned by Lee Enterprises; Tucson Newspaper is equally owned by Lee and Gannett. On May 15, 2009, the Tucson Citizen was closed, but the partnership continues today.

The present 265,000-square-foot building is constructed on two levels. On the upper level are the Newsroom, Operations departments (Production Services, Press, Packaging Center and Circulation), Information Technology, Health & Strength Center and the Cafeteria. On the lower level are Advertising, Marketing, Finance, Building Maintenance and Human Resources are located. The building, parking areas and grounds cover 19 acres.

Career Opportunities

Arizona Daily Star is a multi-media company...we're not just newspapers, take a look at the opportunities we have available.

-     ADVERTISING – Retail and Classified – are the company’s moneymakers. They are the contacts for businesses interested in bringing their products to the Tucson community, and they are the contacts for Tucson residents interested in independently selling their goods and services to others.

-     ONLINE – When you think of online it may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But our Online department is one of the driving forces behind firm delivery into the digital era.

-     MARKETING – The Market Development department is responsible for bringing compelling ideas to the community. They focus on creating bridges between products, advertisers and consumers by distilling facts, figures and messages into the meat of what YOU need to know about a product. Think of it as “getting to the point”: when you want to know exactly why and how the product is relevant to your life or business, Market Development steps up to the plate.

-     CIRCULATION – Is all about where the tires hit the road – literally and figuratively. When a customer is interested in getting their hands on a copy of a Arizona Daily Star, Circulation makes it happen – whether news carriers are out at the crack of dawn delivering papers across Southern Arizona to thousands of homes, or whether they’re making the rounds of single-copy paper racks so anyone can pick up a paper, Circulation helps get it to you.

-     PRODUCTION – Every product starts as a twinkle in someone’s eye and most end as a printed product you can hold in your hand. How do the pages of the daily paper get from here to there? It’s a dance coordinated by the production team and there’s never just one project in the works.

-     INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Information is at the core of every product created, every news story that makes it from pen to printed page, every email every one of our employees sends every day. When you’re dealing in that much information, it’s of peak importance that someone is keeping a watchful eye over everything.

-     HUMAN RESOURCES – It’s exactly what it sounds like – but no department deals in a finer science than that of pairing humans around the state, country and world with their perfect employment opportunity within the Arizona Daily Star family. They are responsible for melding the needs of every employee. They are on a perpetual mission to infuse every department in the building with talented, driven and productive individuals who can push our company to its maximum capacity for innovation – and then take it one step further.

-     FINANCE – Holds the company’s purse strings, working with every department to budget revenues and expenses on a month-by-month, quarter-by-quarter and year-by-year basis. In going over the company’s expenditures and earnings with a fine-toothed comb, the Finance department’s noble mission is to keep the Arizona Daily Star in the black.

-     NEWSROOM It takes a team of great talent from the Publisher to the Editor to the Reporters and Photojournalists, to get all the news ready for the designers and copy Editors to produce the best quality of information for all our readers.

The Old Pueblo

Tucson, Arizona. It’s the Old Pueblo, and it’s a thriving metropolis with a population over one million. It’s a city with a rich history of Native American heritage, and it’s a forward-thinking focal point in the worlds of optics and astronomy. It’s a thriving college town, and it’s a renowned active-adult retirement hot spot. It’s a region of sunny days and dark, starry nights. The state’s second-largest city is home to the prestigious PAC-10 University of Arizona, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, two world-class spas, and more than 850 holes of golfing paradise, and people who come from all regions of the world to live in the Old Pueblo. Tucson is often described as “the big city with the small town feel,” because it enjoys big-city sophistication – employment, economic, business and cultural diversity – without a big-city’s hectic pace and high cost of living. Add to that the fact that Tucson is surrounded by picture-perfect mountains on all sides and experiences 350 days of sunshine a year, and you can see why there’s simply no place like it.


The Arizona Daily Star's non-daily products and Web sites are everything we do in addition to our daily newspaper. One size doesn’t have to fit all for the products and events you want to introduce into your life, which is why we’re always developing new products to grab the attention of the Tucson community. Check out our suite of Web sites, Tucson’s #1 online destination: This site receives millions of page views from 1.6 million visitors each month. Aside from local, national and world news updates, provides an interactive forum where readers can get more from their newspaper – videos, blogs, photo slideshows and more. We are not just newspaper any more.


We will provide outstanding value for our customers, a rewarding work experience for our employees, and community-building leadership in southern Arizona.

Why Arizona Daily Star

When you come to work for Arizona Daily Star, you’ll realize that there are benefits, and then there are benefits.

We offer our employees comprehensive medical, dental, vision and hearing coverage, a 401(k) plan with a company match, tuition reimbursement, paid holidays and vacation time, and more. But we also have corporate perks with participating businesses, an on-site workout facility, company-sponsored sporting events and on-site celebrations as well as a location that puts us within a three-mile radius of some of Tucson’s best Mexican food. And you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working for a company that’s been in business in Tucson for over 100 years – with only good things on the horizon.


• Medical, dental, vision coverage

• 401(k) plan  

• Corporate perks with participating businesses

• 6 company-paid holidays each year

• Paid vacation time

• Tuition reimbursement

• Employee mortgage program

• Income protection (short/long-term disability)

• Flexible Spending Accounts

• Employee Assistance Program

• Life, Accident and Family Insurance

• Direct Deposit

• Discounted Subscriptions and Classified Ads